Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th September 2019 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th September 2019 Written Episode Update, Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th September 2019 Episode Start With Gudiya telling Alka that Amma was getting happy thinking you returned your home. Sarla scolds Gudiya. Alka says she thought she didn’t bring sweets so went to bring it for everyone. She goes to her room. Sarla goes behind Alka. Alka cries and says I don’t think you are my Amma. Sarla says but I am your Amma. Alka says you talks to daughter like that. Sarla asks her not to start the coin issue again and cries. She tells that Sweety shouted at her and says she behaves badly with her. Alka says she will see her.

Sarla says I didn’t call you worthless coin and says there is one worthless coin in our house and that’s Sweety. Alka hugs Sarla. Gudiya hears them. Radhe and Pappu serve the food made by them. Alka asks Sweety what did you make? Sweety says I filled the water in the glasses. Alka says just now you came. Sweety and Alka argue. Sarla asks them to end the matter themselves. Jia taunts Sarla.

Gudiya interferes. Sarla says I will beat you. Jia taunts Sarla. Sarla taunts Sweety for eloping to Mumbai before marriage. Sweety goes to her room taking her plate with her, saying she will complain with her Papa. Sarla asks Alka why did you tell Sweety about what I said. Alka says I will not have food now. Gudiya asks her to give her kofta and says she has no problem to eat it from her plate. Jia says even me. Alka goes to room upset.

Gudiya sees kofta in Sarla’s plate and comes to her. She looks at her kofta. Sarla asks her to eat it. Gudiya eats. Sarla smiles and says you are good than them. She says whenever Alka comes, something happens. She asks Gudiya not to tell what I said. Gudiya says ok and says she will talk to Sweety. Jia asks Sarla to give kofta and ask her not to stare her much else her eyes will drop down.

Gudiya comes to eat food in Sweety’s room and says Amma loves you so much. She says Amma beats me, but loves me also. She says she gave me her thaali also. Sweety gives her plate to Gudiya. Gudiya eats the food from Sweety’s plate. Sweety asks if Amma is like this and says I lost my mother in childhood. She says whenever Amma loves me then I feel that she is my Amma. Gudiya says yes and tells that Amma think you as worthless coin and calls her coin bhabhi. Sweety shouts Papa.

Gudiya comes out and tells Sarla that she has set Sweety. Sarla looks at her. Pappu says he is going to room. Sarla asks him to keep the music system in low volume as Alka wakes up with sound. Pappu says ok and asks Gudiya to give pan to Alka. Gudiya asks Sarla if she can sleep with her. Sarla asks her not to kick her but. Gudiya says how do my leg know whom it is hitting.

Pappu comes to room and finds the bangles scattered in the room. He finds Sweety crying badly and lying on the bed. Sweety tells him that tomorrow her Papa is coming and says your Amma called me worthless coin. Pappu asks her to come and says they will talk to Amma. Sweety says I can’t come without make up. He says I will talk to Amma and swears on her. Sweety eats Pan and stops crying. Pappu comes to Sarla’s room and asks about Radhe. Sarla says he is in bathroom.

Pappu asks did you call worthless coin to Sweety. Sarla cries and tells that Jia is troubling her a lot and says she called her worthless coin and not to sweety. Pappu asks her not to cry and goes. Gudiya gets up while sleeping. Sarla makes her lie down. She wipes her tears. Radhe comes back to room and says where to sleep now? Gudiya wakes up and says she will go and talk to Jia. Radhe asks her to give his pillow. Gudiya leaves the pillow and he falls on the bed. Radhe says he needs to go to washroom now. Sarla laughs.

Gudiya comes to Jia’s room and hears her talking in sleep with her husband. She sings for her an says I am Radhe’s father. Jia says you used to sing jab pyaar kiya toh…song. Gudiya comes to Jia and says Dada ji used to love you a lot. Jia says yes and tells that once he valued her weight with silver coins and got it distributed among the poor. Sarla says today my Amma was saying that neither Alka nor Sweety was worthless coin, but you are worthless coin and calls her coin Jia. Jia coughs hearing this. Gudiya says I will bring water for you. Jia says Sarla devi, now see what I do, sleep peacefully today, storm will come tomorrow.

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