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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th January 2020 Written Episode, Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 20th January 2020 Episode Start With Pappu asking Alka to be quiet and stop the argument. Sweety says let her say whatever she wants, as she has the weapon which she can use at anytime. Alka says that weapon was given by you, as I didn’t elope to Mumbai. Sweety cries. Pappu shouts asking her if she says anything more than it won’t be good. Alka asks him to beat her if he wants. Sarla asks her to calm down. Alka says she will make everyone’s body peaceful and taunts Pappu for the owner of the useless things.

Pappu says he wants to break his head. Gudiya asks whom she is calling useless thing? Sweety says she is telling me as I ran to Mumbai. Alka says she had eloped there. Pappu asks her to be silent. Alka refuses to be silent and tells that she will call her many times, says Mumbai ki bhagodi. Pappu gets angry and breaks the pot in anger. Alka says you have pushed me down and not this matki. Gudiya says bhaiyya broke the pot, not you. Alka asks Radhe if he had given birth to her for this day. Radhe asks Pappu what is this misbehavior? Pappu asks if it is all my mistake. Alka says she wants to return home. Pappu asks her not to threaten him. Alka says I come here as I feel that this house is of my parents, but now I will go.

Sarla and Radhe try to stop her. Alka takes her stuff. Gudiya asks her to take window seat. Sarla asks Radhe to drop her. Alka says she is ready to send me off. Jia asks her to stay back. Alka says I will not spit at such a place where only fake people stays. Radhe asks Alka not to go, and says if you really wanted to go then I will drop you. Alka says nobody shall come out. She takes her mobile and goes. Radhe sits down. Pappu tries to talk to him. Radhe asks him not to talk to him and asks him to go. Pappu goes to his room. Sweety runs behind him.

Pappu says today for the first time, babu ji spoke to me like this and behaved badly. He says if I don’t talk to babu ji then how I will live. Sweety says babu ji must have said that, but he can’t stay without talking to you. Pappu says jiji also went and tells that don’t know what happened to him today. Sweety asks him to lie down on the lap and massages his head. Pappu asks shall I talk to jija ji. She says yes. Radhe talks to Alka’s husband. He ends the call and tells Sarla that Alka’s husband told that he spoke to her yesterday and told that bantu is unwell. Sarla says Alka had planned to go, but wanted to give us guilt and that’s why did this. Gudiya says she had packed her bags yesterday itself. Radhe asks her to let him go to bathroom. He comes out. Pappu tells that he talked to jija ji and he said….Radhe doesn’t want to listen to him. Jia comes out of bathroom and tells that yesterday mirchi in tomato is still speaking. Radhe sits.

Pappu goes to bathroom. Gudiya asks Radhe if he will not talk to her brother. Radhe says yes. Pappu tries to talk to Radhe. Gudiya comes to Jia and tells that she will make them patch up. Jia says this fight is because of Sweety and Sarla. Gudiya says ok and goes to Pappu. She says she talked to babu ji directly. Pappu asks what did he say? Gudiya says he said that you shall become competent enough so that he can talk to you. Nanhe lal tells Pappu that everything will be fine.

Pappu tells Nanhe lal that Radhe didn’t fulfill his responsibility as a father. He cries. Nanhe lal says if I am dead? Pappu says you have done so much for me, even this shop. Nanhe lal hugs him. Pappu says jiji is his daughter and I am not his son. Nanhe lal says you are my son, very worthy and that’s why I gave my son to you. Radhe comes there and calls Gudiya. Gudiya comes to Radhe and asks himself to correct himself. She says my brother has a feeling that you didn’t take care of him and haven’t done your duties. Radhe is shocked. Gudiya says there is one good thing and tells that bhaiyya said that Chacha ji has done so much for him which even you couldn’t do. Radhe shouts Pappu and asks him why he stoop so low? Pappu asks what happened? Radhe says I am nothing to you, I didn’t do anything for you. Radhe says Nanhe lal has done so much for me and don’t think me incompetent. Radhe asks him to leave the house and go to stay in Nanhe’s house as ghar jamai.

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Telecast Date: 20th January 2020
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