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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 1st September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 1st September 2020 Guddu coming to Gudiya and asks her to come from there. Gudiya asks who is he? Gabbar asks who is she? Gudiya says he is imitating monkey. Gabbar gets furious. Guddu holds her hand and takes her away from there. He then realizes it and says jai hanuman gyaan…..Gudiya tells that she was searching someone and asks him to go and take bath, as he touched her. He says he will bath later and asks her to go. Gudiya tells that she has come here to win his family members’ heart and stops her from going to Gabbar’s room. He says if you take any step forward then I will throw you down. Gudiya says my family doesn’t know your reality. Guddu tells that he will not befriend her now. Gudiya tells that she doesn’t want to befriend him and tells that she will meet this guy. Guddu says if you don’t go away from here then I will tell Chachi (Sarla). Gudiya says then she will complain about him to Putli Bai. She runs to Putli Bai’s room and shakes her up to make her wake up. Putli Bai wakes up and sees Gudiya. She sees her and says my Amma used to wake me up like this. Gudiya says she will wake her up daily like this. Putli Bai asks if she came to complain about Guddu. Gudiya tells her that Guddu first made her fall and then he added chilli in the cake. Putli Bai tells that Guddu didn’t add chilli in the cake and tells that he is a good hearted man like you. She says he can become your good friend like me.

Gudiya tells that their enmity will end with their death. She tells that she had come to meet Atta Chacha, to give him money for his idea to deal with Guddu. Putli Bai calls Matai and asks about Atta. Matai says he is not at home. Putli Bai takes the money from Gudiya and tells that money shall not be given to the family members. Gudiya asks if he has become ours in 20 Rs. Putli Bai asks if he has taken 20 Rs before. Gudiya looks at the laddoo box. Putli Bai gives her laddoo. Nanhi looks at them. Putli asks her to take laddoo, but Nanhi refuses and goes. Putli Bai asks her to go home. Gudiya is leaving and sees Guddu downstairs. She enjoys laddoo. Guddu looks at Nanhi coming towards Gudiya secretly. Gudiya teases Guddu that she complaint to his Dadi and also got the laddoos.

Nanhi pushes Gudiya down. Gudiya falls down. Guddu runs and catches her in his arms. Gudiya shouts. Everyone comes out of their rooms. Putli Bai asks who has shouted? Gudiya says I have shouted, I couldn’t rescue your laddoo. She is shocked and tells that she didn’t know how she fell. Harbheji says she couldn’t walk properly. Nanhi comes there and asks what happened? Guddu looks at Nanhi. Putli Bai asks how did she fall down? Gudiya tells that she felt as if someone pushed her down with force. She asks anyone not to stand there. Nanhi says first you fell down from my house and now telling that there is a problem in the place. She asks why did you come here? Putli Bai asks Nanhi to stop and asks Gudiya not to think anything. She asks Guddu to drop Gudiya to her house. Harbheji looks at Guddu angrily.

Guddu brings Gudiya to Gupta house. Sarla asks Gudiya why her face is sad? Gudiya says my face is sad, else I would have dropped down fully. Guddu tells that Gudiya has fallen down from the first floor of the building. Radhe asks how? Guddu says I have saved her. Sarla gets emotional and says you was saved because of Guddu and thanks him. Gudiya says I fell down because of him and you are thanking him. She accuses Guddu. Guddu tells that he did a mistake to save him. Gudiya tells that Hanuman ji entered his body and saved her. Bantu also tells that Hanuman ji comes in his body. Guddu folds his hands and tells that this time hanuman ji saved you, I don’t know who will save you from next time.

Harbheji tells Putli Bai that she is not Gudiya’s enemy, tells that she shall not come here, else if anything happens to her then we will be accused. Putli Bai tells that she was like Gudiya and tells that how she fell down. Harbheji says you was like her. Putli Bai says yes. She says why did Gudiya feel that someone pushed her. Nanhi says everyone was busy in their works then who pushed her. putli Bai tells that she will find out who did this and then she will deal with that person herself. Guddu looks at Nanhi and goes to his room.


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 2nd September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Bantu tells that he was Guddu Bhaiyya only who had come. Harbheji tells Nanhi that whatever belongs to Gabbar and her, can’t be of Guddu ever. Gudiya comes to Guddu’s room, keeps hand on his waist and they fall down on the ground.

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Telecast Date:1st September 2020
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