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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 1st October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 1st October 2020Episode starts with Radhe asking Mahua to make him drink tea. Mahua acts to feel shy. Radhe asks her to think this house as her own. Mahua goes to kitchen to make tea. Pappu asks Radhe what happened? Radhe says I want to drink tea. He finds it was his imagination that Mahua is making tea for him. Mahua asks him to make tea for her too. Radhe says I am born to make tea. He makes tea. Yeh khidki plays….Mahua asks if he got tired so soon, have to go so much work.

Sarla finishes the food and tells Harbheji that she would have given her 100 out of 100, but she missed. Harbheji asks why did you give off to my Servants, I am very tired of working. Sarla tells that I was worried for you and given them off for you. She reminds incident when Mahua and Harbheji laughed at her. Harbheji says I didn’t do that for enmity. Sarla cries and acts asking if she is blaming her. Harbheji asks her not to shout as Amma and Gabbar are sleeping. Sarla stops her act and asks Harbheji to continue working and make her body turn from iron to Gold. Harbheji says you are cruel woman. Sarla says you have won my heart and hugs her. Harbheji suffocates her neck and tells Sarla that she will make her vanish that nobody will know. Nanhi comes there and asks Harbheji to stop. Harbheji finds herself hugging Sarla and it was her imagination.

Mahua comes to Pappu’s shop and asks him to show a saree. Pappu shows all sarees from his shop. Mahua asks how he will fold it all back and calls him beta. She tells that she came to see saree and not to buy it. She goes.

Harbheji says if Amma comes to know that I had gone to Sarla’s house then she will understand that I had done something surely. She asks Nanhi to apply balm to her feet as it is paining badly. Nanhi asks why did you shout at me? Atta comes there and asks if whatever I heard is right? Nanhi calls him. Atta says he has an idea for her problem and asks for 50 Rs. Harbheji asks Nanhi to give him 20 Rs. Nanhi gives 20 rs. Atta gives her idea. Harbheji smiles.

Mahua asks Radhe if he is tired and asks him to make tea. Radhe says ok. Mahua says lets go inside the room and sit. Radhe says we will sit in the drawing room and asks her to come. Radhe and Mahua sit there. Mahua tries to get closer to him and tries to remind him of the fake past. He asks if I was not scared of cockroaches and rats there. Mahua comes and sits with him. Radhe says we shall wait. Mahua says we shall rest. Radhe tries to run away, but Mahua stops him and pushes him on chair. She lies on him. Radhe fools her and goes out.

In the morning, Sarla wakes up and finds herself in the middle of the road on the bed and thinks she will take revenge on Harbheji.

In Gupta house, Radhe stages an act with Pappu, Sweety, Mahua and her son. He becomes Gabbar, Mahua as Basanti, Nanhe lal as Veeru. Veeru asks Basanti not to dance infront of the cunning men. Radhe asks her to dance on a song and not to trouble her feet. Mahua says this dance will be for you and dances. This is Radhe’s imagination. He wakes up hearing Sarla knocking on the door. He says you have returned? Sarla asks did you see my ghost? Atta and Harbheji laugh. Atta tells Harbheji that the guy sweeping the road told me, how Sarla was shocked and looked here and there. She tied her hair, took suitcase and left. Harbheji says she got a calm heart now, and will not let that cunning fox enter my house. She says your idea worked for me, this means your ideas are getting good. Atta asks for 20 Rs. Harbheji says this was a wonderful idea and gives him 500 Rs. Atta is shocked and is about to fall down.

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Telecast Date:1st October 2020
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