Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 1st February 2021 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 1st February 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 1st February 2021 Episode starts with Bantu getting scared seeing the spaceshift. Suddenly he sees Gudiya’s bed flying in air and then coming back on the floor. He gets scared and covers his face with blanket. Nanhe lal comes to Radhe’s house and imagines Sarla standing at the window and looking at him. Sarla comes out of the bathroom and asks Nanhe lal to come inside the house. She asks him to pour water on her hand so that she can wash her hand. Nanhe lal says the water is cold and you will catch cold, so I will bring hot water. Sarla says I am very hot, no problem with cold water. Nanhe lal looks at her with his mouth open, as she goes. Rajjo asks why his mouth is open. Nanhe lal makes an excuse. He tells Radhe that he was missing them. Pappu and Radhe tell that even they missed him. Sweety comes and hugs Nanhe lal.

She says she was missing him. Rajjo says Sarla don’t give me tea, and asks her to make Samdhi ji have special tea. She tells that I have seen a dream that Nanhe lal got a good dream for Gudiya. Nanhe lal that Bua ji saw a real dream and tells that he has found a guy for her, and he is really good. He says he has called him. Sarla says we didn’t do any arrangement? Sweety says she will go and wake up Gudiya. Gudiya wakes up and goes to brush up her teeth. Sweety asks Bantu where is Gudiya? Bantu signs her towards Gudiya. Sweety says I can’t see. Bantu says if you can see me? Sweety says yes. Bantu says Mausi is brushing her teeth. Sweety sees just brush and runs down, cries and tells them that Gudiya is not visible. She tells that Bantu can see her, but I can’t see her. Nobody believes Sweety. Nanhe lal asks are you fine? Sarla says that’s why I don’t give her any work. Pappu calls Gudiya. Gudiya asks what? Bantu comes there. Radhe doesn’t think that she is invisible. Sweety tells that she can’t see Gudiya. Rajjo scolds Sarla. Nanhe lal gets a call from the guy’s parents and tells the location.

Later Nanhe lal and Radhe welcome the guy and his parents. Nanhe lal introduces the family to Radhe. The guy’s mother asks them to bring the girl and tells that they are getting the painting done in their house. Sarla serves the snacks. Gudiya comes there with Bantu. Radhe and others hear her voice, but couldn’t see her. Pappu says where is Gudiya? Gudiya says I am here and moves him. He gets shocked and says Gudiya touched me, but she is inivisible. Gudiya asks why he is lying? Sweety says I told you that Gudiya is invisible. Radhe asks why we can’t see you. Gudiya hugs him. Radhe says Gudiya is hugging me, but can’t be seen. The guy and his parents get scared. The guy asks if they are joking and asks her to come infront of them. Sarla asks Gudiya not to joke and come infront of them. Nanhe lal asks the guy to have kachori. Gudiya thinks it is my favorite and starts eating it. Everyone gets shocked seeing kachori in air and finishing soon.

Bantu runs to room and reads the book. He finds out that Gudiya became invisible and only he can see her. He thinks he will not tell about his power to anyone. Sarla faints and falls down on the chair. Radhe, Pappu and Sweety run to her. Pappu says what is happening? Radhe says he don’t know. Sweety says I told. Gudiya finishes the kachori.

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Telecast Date:1st February 2021
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