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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 14th September 2020Episode starts with Putli Bai asking Matai if he dropped Guddu. Matai tells that he made him sit on a good seat. He says he will make breakfast for her. Putli Bai tells that Guddu can do anything for his brother, he went so far. He will do jaap for 7 days in rudra bajrang bali and then mannat will be fulfilled. Harbheji says 7 days. Putli Bai asks didn’t you know as you showed him the way to walk on this path. Harbheji says he has chosen this way on himself and I try to make him understand. She asks which mother doesn’t want her son to settled down. Putli Bai says I can understand your pain. Nanhe lal comes home. Sweety hugs him. Nanhe lal tells that he has brought samosas and kachoris. Sarla asks him to feed the one, whose saree she is folding. Sweety laughs. Sarla asks if you can see her stubbornness. Nanhe lal says yes and asks her to go. He tells that he has talked to two ladies and they will do Sweety’s work. She says I have managed to relieved you. Sarla says you should make her understand to do work rather than hiring house help. Radhe asks Sarla to be careful with her talks. Nanhe lal tells that she is saying right and tells that he should have taken care, but what to do with Sweety as she is motherless. Sarla asks Nanhe lal to look at her. She asks what do you think that I am enemy of Sweety, tells that she won’t be alive for forever, her breathe will stop some day. she says what Sweety will do, when I am not with her, I think of this and can’t sleep all night. Radhe tells Pappu that she is lying and tells that she sleeps immediately after lying on bed. Sarla tells that just like medicine which is bitter, but the person becomes fine. She tells that she has become medicine for Sweet and says what to do, I am a mother. Nanhe lal says you are a Devi and is not made for work at home. He says I am witness of your greatness. Radhe says I am witness of her cleverness and tells that she made everything fine.

Putli Bai does aarti while everyone stands behind her. Atta asks where is Guddu? Madhav says he is not here. Atta jokes and laughs. Madhav signs Harbheji. Putli Bai calls Harbheji and asks how is Gabbar now? Harbheji says he is fine and slept all night. Putli Bai asks how did you know, and asks if she was with him. Saroj comes there. Harbheji asks her to come to her room and tells that her head is paining. She goes to room and asks Saroj to show a good girl for Gabbar as Amma agreed. Saroj says it is very difficult. Harbheji gives her money and asks her not to see the caste and tells that she just want a girl. She tells that the girl’s family shall not know who is Gabbar and who are we? She asks her to just tell that Gabbar is a nice guy and gives her money. Saroj takes the money. Atta comes inside and asks her to see around her for a girl. Harbheji says who could be the girl? Atta asks her for money. Harbheji says I will give you 40 Rs, but came to know that govt has banned the bhang. Atta goes out and thinks her Gabbar is not that unlucky to get related to any random girl of Sipri..

Gudiya tells Bantu that just like she gives love to her family, if she gives love to that mad guy then if he can’t get fine. She says Guddu asked me not to go near him. She says she has to think something to go there and asks Bantu to think. She makes the idol washed with water and asks for help so that she can go there and help Gabbar.

Matai comes to Putli Bai and asks her not to worry. Putli Bai asks why Harbheji is hurrying up for marriage and asks why Saroj came here. Matai says how to make a mother understand. Putli Bai feels sympathetic towards Gabbar and tells that she will go and see him. Nanhi hears them and informs Harbheji. Harbheji says Amma shall not snatch chance for me, I shall go and stop her. Gudiya comes to haveli and hides. Gabbar looks at her. Harbheji comes running to Gabbar and asks him to come inside the room, says Amma is coming. Madhav stops Putli Bai and asks where is she going? Putli Bai asks him to move from her way. Madhav says I came here to see my son and you cut my way always. Putli Bai says you are a poison and it is impossible to stay with you. Nanhi signs Harbheji. Gabbar comes out of room to see Gudiya. Harbheji asks him to come inside. Gabbar pushes her and she sees Gudiya. Gudiya runs away from there through the window. Sarla finds her coming back from the window and hits her with broom, asks if this is her room or that. Gudiya asks her if she is getting attacks and holds her. Sarla asks her to leave her. Sweety comes and taunts her. Sarla taunts her. Sweety says even Gudiya doesn’t work, and you call me nikammi. Gudiya says I don’t need to do anything as work gets done by itself. Sarla asks Gudiya to clean the rice else she will be called as Sweety in her sasural. Gudiya says rice is good and goes. Sweety asks Sarla to think again before taunting her.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2020
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