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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th February 2020 Written Episode, Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th February 2020 Episode Start With Pappu telling Ballu has two wives. Gudiya says that’s why he is so happy. Sweety gets excited and says we will get to see Judaai film here. Sarla says Ballu seems to be good and tells that he is having two wives, badmouths about him. Gudiya asks why she does dual talks and says you does Shri Krishna’s puja. Sarla says he is God. Gudiya says when God can marry twice, then why can’t humans. She says we will have this happiness at our house now and the two wives will come.

Pappu gets scared and tells Sweety that he needs her help to pack his bags to go somewhere. He then asks Gudiya to help too and takes them with her. Sarla gets doubtful and says there is something for sure. Radhe says Gudiya might be talking about Ballu’s wives. Sarla says I won’t let them come here. Later Radhe and Pappu are having food from a plate. They think that Gudiya understood their pain. Pappu says if he had another wife then life would have been different. Radhe says if he really wants. Pappu says not really, but. Radhe says even if he had two wives, and if Sarla is upset then other wife will take care of him. Just then they hear Ballu getting beaten by his two wives and comes running to Radhe and Pappu, asking them to rescue him.

Radhe and Ballu ask him, you said that they call you Swami and takes care of you. Ballu says then he will be beaten up by them. Champa and Chameli call him. Sarla says she will not support him. Ballu says if she hears my story then will understand. He asks Radhe and Pappu to help him. Sarla stops them and asks what you will talk with Ballu’s wives. She says she is going to sleep. Radhe asks Gudiya and Sweety to go and talk to Ballu’s wives. Sweety says if Amma gets angry then?

Gudiya says Amma will not know. Radhe and Pappu laugh for their thoughts. Ballu comes there and says I need sometime. They go to their room, leaving him on the bench. Sweety and gudiya come to the haveli. They see Champa and Chameli fighting with broom. They ask who are they? Gudiya says they are neighbors and asks why did they fight? One wife tells that she made moong hing dal for him, but the other wife didn’t let him have the dal made by her. Other wife says I made dal too. Gudiya mixes the dals and says now ballu bhaiyya will have made by you both. Chameli and Champa tell that their fight will not end. Gudiya says statue and asks them to promise her that they will not beat Ballu. They promise her. Sweety thinks Sweety has become understanding.

Radhe tries to talk to Sarla. Sarla says I can’t understand the language of law. Radhe asks what to tell? Sarla says you gave me law paper. Radhe asks how to cover up? Sarla says by talking with mouth. Radhe says I didn’t want that. Sarla says I am not giving you court paper and can say by mouth. Radhe says you are very difficult. Gudiya says he is right. Radhe sees Ballu’s wife drying her hairs. She greets him. Radhe thinks she seems to be like Alka, simple. He gets tensed. Pappu comes out of the bathroom. Radhe says I am not going now. Pappu says sorry for taking time. Radhe hugs him and says everyone has to handle their own pressure. Gudiya thinks Radhe and Pappu have become lonely.

They all come to Ballu’s English class. Sarla tells the neighbor that she came to see Ballu’s wives and want to know why the two sisters married same man. Manisha comes there and uploads her video on social site. Ballu comes there and asks his wives to come there. Champa and Chameli come to ballu. Ballu says Champa will be monitor. They argue to become monitor. Gudiya asks them to toss the coin and see. Ballu tells that his life is spicy because of his two wives. Radhe says he can see the spice.

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Telecast Date: 13th February 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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