Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th December 2019 Written Episode Update, Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th December 2019 Episode Start With Radhe asking Jia to come out soon else he will leave his life. Gudiya is brushing her teeth and imagines Muddu brushing his teeth. She asks where did you do? Muddu says I was here and was seeing you. Gudiya asks him to spit the water fastly. They compete. Muddu laughs. Jia comes out of bathroom. Radhe and Pappu insist to go first. Gudiya says first Muddu will go. Pappu asks where is he? Gudiya says he is there and asks Muddu to come. Imaginary Muddu goes to bathroom. Everyone waits for their turn to go to bathroom. Gudiya imagines him coming out of bathroom. Alka tells Gudiya that there is nobody here. Sweety tells that may be heroine is imagining hero like it happens in films. Sarla says this is Sipri and not Mumbai. She asks Gudiya to take tea. Gudiya asks her to give tea to Muddu also. Sarla asks her to go. Gudiya takes Sweety’s tea and goes to her room. Sweety says gudiya. Radhe tells that his heart is worried. Sarla says she will make her understand. Gudiya goes to Muddu and gives him tea, says that Amma makes nice tea. She laughs. Jia says she is in shock.

Sarla comes upstairs. Gudiya says Muddu is sitting there. Sarla says he is not there. She says you are imagining him to make everyone happy. Gudiya says imagination, that’s why he is not seen at any place. Sarla tells Radhe that decision is made. Gudiya runs to imaginary muddu and asks how did you come down. Radhe, Pappu and others are shocked. Muddu asks if you can catch me? Gudiya tells that nobody can win from her. She starts running. Pappu holds her and tells that there is nobody there. Gudiya says he is there. Pappu says it is your imagination. Gudiya says Muddu ji came here as an imaginary guest so I have to take care of him. She says I will catch you anyhow.

Pappu and Alka tell that they shall show her to doctor. Alka tells that her Dadi saas used to see her dead husband everywhere. Radhe gets an idea and says decision is made. He says I know her, her imagination power is very strong and she can do anything in her imagination. Alka tells that this is not good. Radhe says but she returned. Pappu says my sister is wonderful, making the run away groom run in imagination.

Nanhe lal comes home. Sarla asks what happened and gives him water. Nanhe lal takes tea. Sarla asks shall I make tea. Sweety asks her to make tea. Sarla taunts her. Sweety asks if you are calling me malkin. Sarla asks can you see someone else who is ordering me here? Sweety says Amma and goes. Nanhe lal tells that he is leaving. Sarla asks him to have kadi. Nanhe lal tells that he will eat some other day. Radhe asks Nanhe lal to help him and says he needs his suggestion. Sarla asks them to have food.

Gudiya imagines muddu asking her to bring food for him. Gudiya asks Sarla to serve food to Muddu. Jia asks why you are not eating. Alka says she is busy in something else. Sarla asks Gudiya not to trouble her and tells that he is not there. Gudiya asks why did she keep Prasad for God then. Jia taunts Sarla. Sarla tells that this girl can break anyone image in a min. Gudiya says you made aloo ka halwa that day. Pappu says I didn’t get it. Jia says I asked her, but she didn’t give me. Gudiya says it is special Prasad made by Amma whenever she wants. Sarla tries to stop Gudiya. Gudiya tells that Maa eats many things to fulfill her mannat. Radhe asks Sarla to give rice to them. Gudiya is about to tell more. Sarla asks her to keep her mouth shut. Gudiya asks Muddu to come to terrace and have food with her. Sarla cries and tells that daughter has gone mad.

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