Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th March 2020 Written Episode Update


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th March 2020 Written Episode, Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 12th March 2020 Episode Start With Radhe rushing to bathroom after Pappu comes out. Bindiya mausi comes there and calls Radhe. Gudiya, Sweety and Pappu greet her. Bindiya asks Sarla where is Jija ji? Sarla tells that he is in washroom. Pappu says I know that you want to drink tea? Bindiya tells that she will drink tea made by Jija ji. Radhe comes out after wetting his hair and pretends that he has taken bath. He says he will make tea for her. Sarla taunts her. Bindiya tells that her daughter is getting married. Sarla asks how? Bindiya tells about Bejod Baba’s solution which made them find alliance for Soni. Sarla gets surprised and asks about him. Bindiya tells that baba asked her daughter to make sound like a goat and after 4 days, the groom will be infront of her. She tells that the groom came to their house, who is a doctor. Gudiya says your illness will be treated now. Sarla scolds her and smartly gets address of Bejod Baba from Bindiya. Bindiya talks to Radha and asks him to tell the story.

Sarla thinks that this time Gudiya will be married. She comes to bejod Baba with Gudiya and they see a lady sitting there with hairs on her face. Gudiya makes fun of her. Dardara tells that Gudiya was Mangilal in her last birth and had killed a baba who ate kachoris. He says he was cursed and was bachelor. She says in this birth too, Gudiya will not marry. Sarla asks Baba for the solution. Baba tells a solution. Sarla asks how Gudiya will stay as monkey for 11 days. She asks her to tell some other solution. Baba says other solution is that you have to keep nirjala vrat for 21 days. He gives vabhoot and asks about 5000 Rs. Sarla tells that she is thanedaar’s samdhan and gives 21 Rs. The lady acting as witch takes the money. Baba tells that the witch went out from her and signs her.

Ballu tells Radhe and Pappu that he is going to his mum’s place as she is unwell and taking her last breath. He tells that news is that they are shifting to Gwalior. Radhe says if you leave then we will be alone. Ballu says what to do then?

Sarla comes home with Gudiya and scolds her. Radhe asks where did you go? Gudiya tells that they went to Bejod baba and he told solution that if I becomes monkey for 11 days, then I will get a guy. Sweety says then monkey will get. Sarla taunts Sweety. Pappu asks Sweety to be silent. Radhe says how you can be so superstitious. Sarla says bindiya had said about her daughter finding the groom. Jia taunts Sarla. Sarla argues with Jia and tells that she has no quality of a mother. Jia pretends to faint. Pappu gives water to Jia. Sarla asks Gudiya if she kept rabdi in fridge. Jia asks where is rabdi? Sarla says it is on your tongue, you have forgotten acting hearing about rabdi. Radhe asks her not to be mannerless. Sarla tells that she will be with Gudiya until the groom comes on the 12th day. Radhe says he will not let Gudiya act as monkey. Nanhe lal comes there. Radhe takes him to shop. Sweety tells Jia that Sarla does good acting. Jia says Sarla can’t keep nirjala fast for 21 days.

Pappu says I can’t believe that Amma agreed to make her monkey. Nanhe lal blames himself for this. Chunni lal asks her to get Gudiya married. Nanhe lal says he can’t do it right now. Radhe tells that it is not in his hands. Nanhe lal asks Chunni lal to search the groom. Chunni lal says he can’t search. Sarla tells Gudiya that she will feel bad to see her jumping like monkey, but…She says even this baba might be fake, but my heart tells that they shall try. Gudiya says she will give the list of things which she will eat and hugs her.

Chameli tells ballu why shall we leave this haveli for his mother. Ballu says mother is mother. Champa says her heart is black. They argue. Ballu asks them to shut up and asks them to make food for Radhe’s family. Champa and Chameli decide to add drugs in the food and kheer. Gudiya hears their plan and gets shocked.


Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 13th March 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Gudiya acts as monkey. Everyone gets worried. Sweety says Gudiya has become a monkey.

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Telecast Date: 12th March 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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