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Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 10th February 2020 Written Episode, Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari Written Update on

Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari 10th February 2020 Episode Start With Nanhe lal asking Lawyer about what happened? Lawyer tells that Radhe don’t want to take divorce. Nanhe lal says his samdhi is shy to take divorce and asks him to find the way to get the divorce done. Lawyer says he has work now and leaves. Nanhe lal brings jalebis and kachori for everyone. Radhe and Pappu see Gudiya holding the divorce papers and try to get it, but she runs. Nanhe lal tries to tell Sarla that they are divorce papers, but Pappu stops them. Sarla asks Gudiya to give papers.

Gudiya refuses and says she will make aeroplanes with it. Radhe and Pappu run behind her. Gudiya runs fooling them. Sarla snatches papers from her hands and checks the papers. Sweety also comes to them. Radhe is in shock. Pappu asks him to have patience. Sarla couldn’t read the papers and says so this is the matter? Radhe bites his fingers. Sarla says Samdhi ji…people have moved on in my house and doing conspiracy in English so that I can’t understand. Radhe and Pappu take a sigh of relief. Nanhe lal says it is in English but it is….

Radhe stops him from telling anything. Pappu asks her to give papers. Sarla says Sweety will read it and tell us. Sweety checks the papers and tells that she learnt only hindi. Sarla says everyone shall learn English, else anyone can make us fool. Radhe asks how can you say that? Sarla says it is proved that he has done conspiracy. Gudiya says we shall make Ballu read it. They go to his English class.

Manisha comes to the class and falls on Gudiya’s lap, while recording live on the social App. She tells that she came to meet Gudiya and her to show her Mann’s Raja. Gudiya makes her meet Radhe, Pappu. Manisha says I didn’t think about this. Gudiya then makes her meet Nanhe lal. Manisha tells Gudiya that she was talking about guys and not married man. Ballu comes there. Manisha asks ballu to say hello to her fans. Ballu says hello. Gudiya asks if he will read her Amma’s letter.

Ballu reads the papers and says no personal thing in class. He says he will read it after the class. Sarla and Gudiya sit down. Ballu says welcome to my class and today topic is….insurance agent comes there. Ballu asks him to give introduction. Manoj says he is insurance agent and have done everyone’s insurance in sikri. Ballu asks him to sit. Nanhe lal gets angry on Manoj for talking nonstop. Sarla asks ballu to read the papers first. Ballu says class is over and asks everyone to go and come tomorrow with the fees if they want to. Manisha and Manoj go.

Sarla asks ballu to read the papers and they go from there. Radhe and Pappu get tensed. Pappu says what will happen now. Gudiya asks ballu to read fast. Ballu says this is the letter of govt 100 Rs of Radhe Gupta and Sarla Gupta. Sarla asks what is written on it. Pappu says it is written that he will die without her. Sweety says it is love letter. Sarla gets emotional and says Radhe gave her love letter. She asks Ballu not to tell them that she was happy to read this love letter. She tells that she will not fall on Radhe’s feet and asks them not to tell anyone. They all promise him.

Radhe is scared and tells Pappu that Sarla might hang in the room. Nanhe lal tells that she came and went to kitchen. Radhe says kerosene oil is kept there and asks them to save her. They all see Sarla happy and dancing infront of the temple. Sweety calls Pappu and says babu ji can give court papers to Amma in this age and you can’t give me. Pappu thinks if she needs divorce. Radhe comes to Sarla and says Parmeshwari. Sarla tells him that what is in his heart, is in her heart also. Gudiya comes there and tells that Amma is very happy and asks him not to worry. Nanhe lal gets happy. He tells Radhe that Sarla is not upset and has proved that she really don’t care. Radhe and Pappu are sad. Nanhe lal provokes Radhe. Radhe says I will send her to her mayka. Nanhe lal tells that they shall ask ballu what she felt when he informed her about divorce. Radhe says ok.

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Telecast Date: 10th February 2020
Distributed By : And Tv And Zee5


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