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Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega 21st July 2020 AJ says Guddan thinks that the baby is her daughter. Please help. AJ looks at the curtain and says who’s there? The doctor says I will help you with this. AJ says thank you so much. He leaves. Ganga says how dare you? She shoves him. Avinash says calm down. The doctor says I can’t say no to uniting a baby to her mother. I can’t ruin doctors’ names. Ganga says I will not let her live with her mother. The doctor says keep me out of here. Ganga says get lost. I will handle it on my own. You men are useless. I will ruin that girl’s life.

Ganga and Avinash come to the baby’s room. Ganga says glad she’s here today because of treatment. Lock the door. The baby starts crying. Ganga comes towards her. They’re disguised as nurses. Doctor comes in and says stop. Who called the ward boy? Only we came here. Ganga says I called him so we can exchange shifts. The doctor says okay. Give the baby an injection before leaving. He leaves. Ganga says we almost lost it. Ganga says I will end this game today. Time to go now. She picks the baby. She can’t pick her. Her bracelet is stuck in the cot. Avinash says hurry up. Ganga says I am trying. Avinash tries to help her and he gives the injection to her by mistake. The baby laughs. Ganga says what did you do? Enough. I will kill her right now. She screams in pain. Guddan comes there. Ganga and Avinash hide their faces. They leave. Guddan sits with the baby and says were you missing mama? They leave. Guddan says are you okay nurse? Avinash says she’s tired.

Guddan sits her with baby and says your mama’s best friend is lord Krishna. He’s always there for me. He always takes care of your mama. He will take care of you as well. Tomorrow is your first morning in this house. I will make you meet him. I have organized a special arti. Mama loves you very much. Please sleep now.

Scene 2
Durga asks Laxmi are we ready for pooja? Laxmi says getting the arti ready. Laxmi says show happiness. Durga says isn’t all this wrong? Laxmi says who are we to challenge fate? Let’s welcome the baby. Dadi and AJ have accepted this baby. Durga says I keep thinking about other things. Laxmi says she had to become a part of our family. Let’s decorate the arti. Ganga says in heart should I make Durga on my side?

Dadi says let me take evil eyes off my granddaughter. Dadi does her arti. Ganga says to Durga I am also scared like you. Durga says what? Ganga says what will we do if the baby’s mother shows up here? What will we tell Guddan? I am her fan so I am worried that this baby isn’t hers. She says it loudly. Guddan hears it. Everyone is shocked. Guddan says what were you two whispering? This isn’t my baby? AJ says Guddan. What are you saying. She said this baby isn’t ours only. She is daughter of the whole family. Right Durga? Durga says yes that’s what we meant. Dadi says aren’t you my daughter? Dadi says I am your daughter and so is she. Laxmi says she’s mine too. Durga says she is all of us. Everyone smiles. Durga takes the baby from her but she doesn’t want to go to her and pees on her. Guddan takes her back. Avinash says she never comes to you. Guddan says when did this happen before? Avinash says I meant whoever she picks a baby they pee on her. Guddan says let me change and help you all with house chores. Laxmi says no you need rest only. Guddan says I am fit. My power is doubled now. Durga says you won’t do anything. Go to your room and rest. Dadi says AJ you handle the big Guddan while she handles the baby Guddan. AJ picks Guddan. Everyone laughs. AJ takes her upstairs. Ganga says the evil eyes are already on her. She can’t get rid of it.

Scene 3
AJ brings Guddan to the room. He says don’t open your eyes. Guddan opens her eyes. The whole room is decorated welcoming Guddan and the baby. Guddan smiles. Guddan says wow this is beautiful. She says to the baby your papa is amazing. Ever since you came, your papa has become wiser. AJ says so I was an idiot before? You called me an idiot in front of the baby. Guddan says no I said I am wiser. AJ says baby your mama can’t even walk without breathing things. She’s so clumsy. Guddan says he is famous in the city for being angry man. When kids like you don’t sleep, their mothers say sleep baby otherwise AJ would come. AJ says not even funny. He says when your mama cooks, she doesn’t. Guddan says he gets mad at everything. He presses his buzzers. AJ says I don’t. AJ says your mother is so clumsy. Guddan says baby will listen to me because I am a mama. Ask him why did he marry me then? AJ says where did that come from? Guddan says you’re telling all this to baby Guddan. AJ says she can be baby AJ as well. Guddan says she is a girl. The baby starts crying. Guddan says oh no. Guddan says you made her cry. AJ says you did. You were arguing. Let me handle her. AJ says baby.. My child.. The baby cries more. Guddan says who does this? AJ says I think she’s hungry. AJ says she could be hungry? Guddan says she isn’t. I am her mama. I know it all. I am smart unlike her papa. AJ recalls she isn’t their daughter. AJ looks at them. He says God, am I doing right by hiding the truth from her?

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Telecast Date:21st July 2020
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Details

Guddan Tum Se Na Ho Payega is a story of three girls – Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati who are married to a family and are responsible to look after their father-in-law. The trio later come up with an idea to bring a lady for their father-in-law. So they start searching for someone who can become their mother-in-law.Newbie Manisha Rawat will be seen in the titular role as Guddan in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega. She is a fresh face in Indian television. There is still no confirmation about the male lead of the show.

Cast : 

Kanika Mann
Rashmi Gupta
Manisha Rawat
Shweta Mahadik
Sehrish Ali
Rehaan Roy
Nishant Malkani

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min



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