Gud Se Mitha Ishq 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 31st May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 31st May 2022 Chavi vents out her anger on Pari for ruining Bhoomi’s life and troubling her. She tongue lashes Khurana familhy and asks Khurana to send Pari to a mental assylum where people like her stay. On the other side, Kajal helps the girls escape from human trafficker’s den.

Goons return and not finding the girls search them. Satyakam asks Chavi to calm down and let him speak. Chavi asks him not to interfere as Bhoomi is suffering because of Pari and Khurana family. She questions Nutan what happened to her promise of taking care of Bhoomi like her own daughter.

Dev interferes and says its their family issue, but he cannot see her alone complaining. JD asks Dadaji why is Dev interfering in their family issues. Dev asks why only Pari is targeted.

Chavi asks him to stop and says Pari should be sent to mental asylum. Dev asks her to stop and says she didn’t understand Pari well and requests Khuranas to let Pari stay at Khurna house. Bhoomi asks him to stop and asks family why they are not understanding a simple truth that Pari doesn’t belong here.

Neel asks Bhoomi to stop badmouthing about Pari. JD asks him to not misbehave in front of guests and asks Dev to not interfere between their family issues. Dev challenges that he is organizing a music show in which Pari will sing and prove her competence. JD says he will badly lose. Dev says if Pari wins, nobody will trouble Pari again. Neel praises Dev. JD tells Dev that if Pari loses, he will not visit them again.

Satyakam takes Neel aside and asks about Kajal. Neel says he had asked Kaju to stay with them, but she was feeling uncomfortable and is staying at her relative’s house. Satyakam asks why is Kaju staying in someone else’s house when he married her. Neel says he had fake marriage with Kaju to save her from Neel.

Satyakam says he cannot say that as it was real marriage. He then calls Pallavi and asks about Kaju. Pallavi says Kajal didn’t call her at all as she must be busy with postwedding rituals at her in-laws’ house. She asks him to meet Kaju if possible.

He says he had come to Delhi for a business and asks her relative’s address. She says she will send him her distant relative’s address and requests him to take permission from Kaju’s in-laws to meet her. Satyakam asks her to give him some time, disconnects call and tells Neel that they need to find Kaju soon. Neel hopes Kaju is fine.


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 1st June 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kajal escapes from goons and eraches Neel. She meets with an accident.

Read Online Gud Se Mitha Ishq 31st May 2022 Written Episode . Today Latest New Full Episode Serial By Star Bharat Indian Drama Serial Gud Se Mitha Ishq Complete Show Full Written Update, Written Update of Gud Se Mitha Ishq 31st May 2022.

Telecast Date:31st May 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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