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Gud Se Mitha Ishq 24th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 24th May 2022 Bhoomi asks Pari to use papers from the file. Pari says its JD’s file and he will scold her if she uses it. Bhoomi thinks its the right change to take revenge from Pari. She tells Pari that these are green papers that are used for arts and crafts and not the white ones.

Pari says she will make airplane out of it. Bhoomi asks her to take it to her room while she brings mango milkshake for her. Pari asks again if she should really take the file. Bhoomi nods yes. Pari takes file away. Bhoomi thinks finally she got a chance to get rid off Pari.

Kajal sees a temple under the tree and prays god to help her. Lad thinks she can easily misuse Kajal’s situation and sell her off. She tells Kajal she shouldn’t be skeptical and just the confident of herself. She then walks with the lady on road when she notices Neel’s friend Pavitra’s car.

Neel stops car seeing Kajal and walks towards her. Kajal gets emotional seeing him coming toward her and asks if his house is on this way. He walks to her and asks where is her phone as he was trying to call her since long.

He takes the phone from her and scolds her for not charging the phone, says he will charge it in the car. Kajal says she will do it herself as he helped her a lot already and asks how did he find out that she is here. Pavitra says he is tense for her and didn’t go home yet.

Neel says it’s called friendship and came worried for her. He then notices the lady and asks if she is Kajal’s relative. Lady says yes, Kajal says no and then says yes. He asks why did she deny then. She says she is from her village. Lady says didn’t know her exact place and hence she came to receive her. Neel asks where does she stay.

Lady gives him fake address. Neel holding Kajal’s hand says now he feels she is in safe hands. Pavitra gets jealous noticing that and tries to pull Neel away. Neel asks Kajal to call him wherever she needs his help and asks lady to take good care of his good friend. Pavitra says Kajal understood everything, so they should leave. Neel leaves with her. Kajal silently looks at him going. Agar Tum Saath Ho.. song plays in the background. She then starts crying. Lady comforts her and takes her along.

Dev calls Pari and asks if she finished her homework. Pari says she will soon. He says he will get angry if she doesn’t complete her homework. Pari tries to practice homework on the papers and throws them in the dustbin. JD returns home speaking to the client that his bail papers are ready.

He calls Soniya and asks her to get the file. Soniya says she forgot on the table itself. He gets angry on her. Dadaji scolds JD to stop scolding Soniya as file must be somewhere nearby. Bhoomi asks if its an orange with green papers in it. JD says yes. Bhoomi says Pari took them along to play with the green papers as she thinks color papers are for arts and crafts and white ones for writing. JD angrily calls Pari.

Neel meets his old friends and chats with them. Pavitra walks to the next table and expresses her jealousy towards Kajal. Lady takes Kajal to her house. A lady officer disguised as a vendor clicks pics and sends it to her colleague and tells him that her dought is right that illegal activities happen in that house. Kajal gets tensed seeing many girls in the house.


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 25th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Lady physically assaults Kajal and says she will sell her within 24 hours. Pari alleges Bhoomi that she is lying. JD angrily tries to slap her when Dev stops him.

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Telecast Date:24th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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