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Gud Se Mitha Ishq 12th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Gud Se Mitha Ishq 12th May 2022 Nutan scolds Pari for coming down and spoiling Bhoomi’s prepared dish. Neil supports Pari. Dhruv warns him to be serious and says they are all still treating Bhoomi as an outsider. JD scolds Pari and orders her to go to her room as her today’s quota of troubling them has finished.

Pari walks towards her room crying. JD asks Dhruv to go and console Bhoomi. Dhruv returns to his room and notices Bhoomi packing her bags. Bhoomi says she cannot stay there as she feels unsafe and fears Pari will kill her some day. Dhruv says Pari cannot harm anyone at all. She warns him to stop supporting his sister. He angrily walks away.

Satyakam passes by Kajal’s house and notices villagers celebrating outside her house. He questions them and learns about Kajal’s wedding. He walks inside house and is shocked to know that Phool Singh is the bride. He confronts Phool Singh and asks how can he marry a girl of his daughter’s age. Phool Singh warns him to mind his business.

Satyakam then questions Pallavi what really that she is ready to get her daughter married to a middle aged man. Villagers show him Kajal’s intimate video. Satyakam tongue lashes villagers for viraling their own village girl’s video and defaming her. Villagers say Kajal should be ashamed to do that. Satyakam tells Pallavi that he wants to speak to her and Kajal alone.

Neel tries to cheer up crying Pari and sings for her in a hoarse voice. She laughs. Dhruv walks in and drags Pari along. Neel asks where is he taking Pari. Druv warns him to stop interfering between him and his sister. Dhruv drags Pari to Bhoomi and insists her to apologize Bhoomi. Bhoomi slips carrying her bag and says she can’t stay with Pari. Pari asks where will she stay then and asks why didn’t she pack Dhruv’s clothes.

She says it was not her mistake when sambhar fell down as Neel dropped it. She says she is elder to Dhruv but didn’t feel bad when Bhoomi didn’t touch her feet, then why is Bhoomi feeling bad. Once she leaves, Neel apologizes Bhoomi on Pari’s behalf and leaves. Bhoomi is stunned to see Pari’s intelligence turning the table in her favor and says she is just acting.

Satyakam questions Kaju and Pallavi. Kaju pleads that she doesn’t want to marry Phool Singh. Satyakam asks who the boy is with her in the video. Pallavi says it’s Bhoomi’s BIL Neel. Satyakam says he will reveal who the boy is in the video to villagers. Kajal pleads with him not to do that or else villagers will kill Neel.

Satyakam asks her to explain what really happened. She explains him the whole story. He calls Neel and finds his number switched off. Kaju says even she found his number switched off. Pallavi says at least Neel would have called her back.

Neel asks his parents to get Kajal’s number as he got her calls, but he couldn’t reply her. JD asks him to forget Kajal as villagers try to trap innocent city people like him. Neel asks if he has any problem if he speaks to Kajal. JD warns him again and walks away. Satyakam calls Bhoomi and asks her to give phone to Neel. She gets angry that he didn’t ask about her whereabouts and disconnects call. Neel tries to remember Kajal’s number.


Gud Se Mitha Ishq 13th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kajal and Phool Singh’s wedding rituals start. Neel drives to meet Kajal.

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Telecast Date:12th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Bharat And Hotstar


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