Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th May 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th May 2022 Bhavani tells Sonali and Pakhi that Sai is part of her house now and she is worried for even her, one shouldn’t pamper children so much that they spoil and ruin their own lives, they need to slap them to get them on track, her condition was a slap on Sai.

Karishma brings cold drinks for Bhavani and says she should be happy after punishing Sai. Bhavani says she doesn’t feel happy by punishing Sai; as a head of the family, it’s her duty to keep her whole family united and under control. Virat asks Sai to trust him and give him some time Sai says she completely trusts him, but she has many questions in her mind.

Vriat says he knows, she should be patient and enjoy today as they are finally united and can’t se stand beside him smiling as his wife. He wipes her tears, holds her hand, and says I love you. She smiles and says I love you too.

Pakhi gets heartbroken seeing that and walks away from there. Sonali asks what happened to Pakhi. Karishma says fire of love is between Sai and Virat, but smoke is seen in Sai. Bhavani scolds her to stop talking rubbish as she feels Samrat and Pakhi are happy together. Samrat notices Pakhi passing by crying.

Pakhi walks to her room and cries shouting she hates Sai as she ruined her life today; her life’s only dream was to get Virat, but Sai shut all the door leading towards Virat. She breaks things around. Samrat walks to her and says the palace standing on lie breaks down with a blow of truth and only truth remains forever, at least now she should accept that she lied to him regarding Virat.

She delivers her favorite one-liner after a long time that he is taunting and insulting her. He says she should accept that she was lying to herself and should accept the truth that Virat and Sai are one today, she is obsessed with Virat and is standing alone and even left him alone today. She says he is sprinkling salt on her wounds. She says even she is doing same and giving him pain, but he is happy that his brother got his true love. He walks away saying that. Pakhi cries and curses that Sai and Virat can never be happy together.

Virat congratulates Shivani and Rajiv. Rajiv jokes that he was saying thank you to everyone, but will say same to you to Virat. Sai laughs and says thank you. Rajiv says Virat is lucky that he got a pretty wife like Sai. Shivani says not only pretty but clear hearted, its Sai and Virat’s good deeds that they got each other.

Rajiv says Sai’s efforts to convince her Modak paid off. Virat asks if they knew what Sai is going to do. Rajiv says of course, Sai is very strong but felt weak when Virat said he doesn’t want her back in his life. Shivani says Sai regained courage and fought back like a true tigress. Virat apologizes Sai for performing lamp immersion/visarjan of their love. Sai says she didn’t let it immerse at all and its still glowing in front of Aaba’s photo, she wanted him to understand her feelings. He says he understood and hence are together forever now.

Shivani tells Virat tha he did wrong by accepting Bhavani’s condition and questions if Sai will not become a doctor. Virat looks at Sai. Sai insists Shivani not to talk about it and says they have decided to take time regarding her career.

Virat feels impressed by the way Sai handles the situation and smiles at her. Rajiv asks Sai to stop calling Virat as Virat sir and call him Shona, Baby, darling, etc. Virat says he doesn’t like those names and wants Sai to call him just Virat. Sai says she can’t call him Virat. He says she just said now.

Karishma informs Shivani and Rajiv that Bhavani is calling them. Shivani gets tensed thinking if Bhavani will pose a condition even to them. They walk to Bhavani. Omkar walks to Rajiv and extends his hand towards his face. Shivani and Virat stop him. Omkar says he came to perform karni sampati ritual and pulling Rajiv’s ear says he should take care of Shivani’s happiness for whole life and shouldn’t trouble her.

Shivani gets emotional seeing that. Samrat says he considers Sai as his sister and hence even he will perform the ritual. He pulls Virat’s ear and warns him to keep his sister always happy. He then tells Sai that she shouldn’t feel bad that she doesn’t have a maika, her brother is always there for her.

Bhavani asks Samrat to go and call Pakhi down for Shivani’s bidai ritual. Samrat walks to Pakhi. Pakhi repeats if he came to sprinkle salt on her wounds. He informs her that Bhavani is calling her down. Omkar performs Shivani’s bidai ritual and Samrat performs Sai’s bidai ritual. Shivani gets emotional. Anuradha worries for Rajiv’s health and says what if something happens to him, they don’t have any relatives her. Virat says he has a solution for that.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Bhavani asks Virat to write Sai’s new name as per postwedding ritual. Virat writes Sai’s name as Sai Virat Chavan and says even he will change his name as Virat Sai Chavan. Bhavani asks if he is taking revenge for position condition to his wife.

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Telecast Date:6th May 2022
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