Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 6th January 2021 Virat drops Sayi outside college and says today is her college’s first day, so he wants her to start it with sweets. He gifts her choc. She jumps in happiness and holds it, but writhes in pain. He says her hands are so soft, so she got bruised while grinding chillies on stone; he apologizes her for the pain she is feeling because of his family; blesses her that her first day should go well. She says thank you babaji and asks if she can have choc now. He opens wrapper and feeds her choc. She takes remaining pack and gets into college. Virat thinks he knows Sayi doesn’t want to stay in his house, but he wants to be part of his dream and see it fulfilled.

At home, Bhavani thanks brahmins for coming and accept her feast. Brahmins leave. Saloni jokes that food would be tasty as masalas were of high quality. Bhavani smirks. Karishma says Sayi had to bear trouble grinding them. Pakhi says Sayi’s one day’s trouble doesn’t matter as she troubles them everday. Karishma reminds how she provoked Sayi calling her selfish. Pakhi says she just told truth. Bhavani praises Pakhi and says she used the opportunity and made Sayi work, only Pakhi can tame Sayi.

Sayi gets out of college in the evening. Shivani stops her car in front of her. Sayi asks what is she doing. Shivani jokes that she had come on a date with her college principal. Sayi asks how does she know about her college timings. Shivani reminds they talked just in the morning and came here after Ashwini informed her that she got injured while grinding masalas. Sayi shows her hand sadly. Shivani takes her to cafe nearby and gifts her cold gloves for her comfort. Sayi thanks him. Shivani says she likes her among 3 bahus and mimics all 3, says she knows Sayi is good at heart. Sayi hopes even other elders think so and stop praising only Pakhi. Shivani asks what did she convince Pakhi and bring her back home, she should have let her at her parents’ house for some days. Sayi says she did it for Virat as he was feeling sad without hsi best friend. Shivani asks what about her condition because of Pakhi. Virat reaches police station and smiles seeing Sayi’s thank you note in his pocket. Sayi tells Shivani that she will manage as she will not stay in that house for some time. She says she should think of Virat as does so much for her, he fought against his family for her and changed family’s age old rules for her, doesn’t she think he loves her and can she stay without Virat. She reminisces Virat supporting her always against his family, his kindness for her, etc., and smiles thinking its true that they get a good man like Virat with good fate.

Bhavani angrily yells at home that once she used to perform evening aarti, but now she is fuming because of jungli mulgi Sayi; she wants all bahus to be at home by evening. She sees Ashwini and yells that don’t know whom her bahu is with. Ashwini asks what is wrong if Sayi wants to study, she should keep her bitter words with herself. Bhavani yells. Ashwini says she means that and says its not yet 7 p.m., so there is no reason to create a drama. Saloni says there is as Karishma is going out seeing Sayi. Bhavani says she doesn’t care. Karishma says good if they don’t care as its good for them with Sayi’s company. Pakhi enters saying nobody can go be good in Sayi’s company.

Sayi tells Shivani that they should go home now as its late. Shivani asks Sayi if she will fill her stomach with family’s taunts, she should have something first and then go home. Her boyfriend enters and hugs Shivani calling her beautiful. Sayi panics seeing that and pushing him away warns to dare not touch her bua. Shivani asks not to call her bua. Sayi continues to tongue lash boyfriend and warns to call police. Shivani says he is her boyfriend. Sayi stops and apologizes him. He says someone for the first time threatened to call police during their first meeting. Virat in office waits for Sayi’s call and video calls her to check even her hand injury. Video disconnects call when Shivani seeing his call asks her not to pick it. Sayi voice calls him, he asks how is her hand injury and asks to video call him and show it. Shivani signals not to. Sayi goes out and shows her hand on video call. He asks her to show her face. She says he called to check her hand. He says he forgot that he should speak each word carefully while speak to her and informs that he will come late night. She says then she has to wait for dinner as family


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shivani’s boyfriend’s wife barges into Chavan Masion, fights with her for dating her husband, and then tries to blacken her face. Sayi holds her hand and stops her.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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