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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th January 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th January 2021 Pakhi confronts Virat that he calls himself as her bestfriend. He says he is her bestfriend. She says he doesn’t look anything else than Sayi’s husband, she doesn’t know why she is here and for whom. He says everyone loves and cares for her. She asks if he cares for her. He says of course as he is her friend, she will see everything getting normal once Samrat returns. She says she doesn’t love Samrat. He says she will once they get to know each other. She asks if Samrat will return. He says yes his brother will. She says she doesn’t think so as nobody at home talks about Samrat now, she attended pooja as a suhagan but doesn’t even know if she is a suhagan or not. He asks not to say that. She says she is slipping like a sand in hand and doesn’t know what is happening with her. He sits next to her and asks not to lose hope, she will get all her rights when Samrat returns. She says she may get happy for family when Samrat returns, but doesn’t know if she will be happy. He says many times life doesn’t go according to them, but they have to go according to life, so she should accept it as life’s decision. She asks if he thinks so. He says yes. She asks him to go and feed his wife as she may be waiting for him.

Virat takes food for Sayi and says Aayi sent her food and asked to finish it in front of him. Sayi thinks Aayi loves her so much. He prepares baking power paste and pulls her feet to apply it on them. She asks not to do that as family will blame her. He keeps his finger on her lips. She stops and asks again to please leave her foot. He says he brought it for her, means Aayi sent it for her as baking soda heals allergic skin. She says she herself will apply it. He stops her and applies it on her feet carefully. She looks at her face smilingly, then says Aayi loves her so much and told not to apply alta knowing about her allergy and today sent baking soda. He asks if she loves Aayi a lot. She says yes and one more person in this house. He asks whom. She says Devyani Tai and asks who else did he think of. He says even he felt same. She says Devyani tai is very cute and suffered a lot. He asks if she loves also someone else in this house. She says nobody else is fit to be loved in this house. He asks not even him? She says it can happen, but in his dreams. He says if she will have food now. She says she doesn’t want to as she needs to study. He says he will not let her sleep and will dance for her. She says Aaba used to feed her when she used to study and when she used to fall asleep, he used to wake her up and feed. He makes her sit and feeds her. She gets emotional. He asks what happened, if she didn’t like it, he will not, but she shouldn’t cry. She holds his hand and taking a bit says not only Aaba but also Usha mausi fed her, but only Aaba at late night while she studied. Serial’s title track plays in the background. She holds his hand again and eats again. He says she tries to find similarity between him and Kamal sir and will stop if she doesn’t like it. She says she doesn’t know if she is feeling good but also not feeling bad. He says even he feels good feeding her.

She continues and says she is full and why he is overfeeding her. He says because she applied alta for his safety. She says she applied it for aayi. He angrily asks if she didn’t apply alta for her husband but for her MIL’s safety, how dare she is to say that. She gets tensed. He laughs and says he was joking. She says she knows husband and MIL’s son are same. He laughs and asks how is her dance practice going. She says good. He asks what about Aniket. She asks why he is worried about Aniket, he is not so important. He says yes, he is not even taller than him. She asks if he sent police to college to check on Aniket. He says yes, then says no, why would he check Aniket’s height. She says she couldn’t see police officer’s face who was questioning Aniket. He says thank god he is saved. She asks what. He says its 11 p.m., and thinks thank god she didn’t see his face or else she would have thrown plate on him.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 30th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sayi sees Virat’s pic in newspaper. Aniket says he is the same officer who questioned him.Sayi asks if he is sure and thinks Virat lied to her last night and has to reply why he did that.

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Telecast Date:30th January 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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