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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 2nd June 2021 Bhavani asks Devi to come and sit next to her, but Devi walks to Madhuri instead leaving Bhavani frustrated. Sai tells Pulit that she has organized a play to try to unite a mother and a daughter. Pulkit wishes her all the best. Lights get off. Everyone ask why did lights go. Virat on stage says lights are off to experience moonlight and discuss about a angel Harini. Everyone clap for Harini. Virat tells Harini that they have organized a play for her about an angel and her mother. He calls Pari’s mother/pari maa. Pakhi acts as Devi.

Virat says Pari’s mother gave birth to an angel and their names are Devi and Harini. Devi asks Virat if he is describing her and Harini’s story. Virat says yes and continues that fate took angel away from her mother, her mother lost her mental stability unable to bear her baby’s separation. Devi also cries seeing Pakhi crying. Virat continues story that Pari maa herself became a child after separating from her child. Pakhi mimics exactly like Devi. Bhavani gets sad seeing Devi’s pain. Pakhi/Parimaa writes DV on paper and hopes her daughter will return soon. Harini tells Pulkit that really bad happened to Parimaa, who snatched her baby. Virat continues that Parimaa became mentally ill and got engrasped in her own world. Devi mimics exactly like Devi. Harini tells Pulkit that Parimaa is behaving like Devi. Pulit says yes.

Virat continues that god did a miracle and brought Pari back. Sai mimics Harini wearing same dress. Harini tells Pulkit that Sai maami/aunty is mimicking exactly like her and even wearing similar dress. Madhuri says she is that pari and Devi is her parimaa. Harini asks if its true. Pulkit nods yes. Drama continues. Parimaa seeing Pari’s toys excitedly insists to play with her, but Pari angrily says she doesn’t want to play with her as she is not normal. Parimaa hugs Pari and says she is her mamma. Pari pushes her away saying parents don’t play with children’s toys. Parimaa falls down. Virat continues that Parimaa’s heart broke as her pari didn’t want to accept as mother. Pari shouts she is not her mother and Parimaa cries vigorously. Virat says helpless Parimaa waited for daughter, but her daughter sent her away from her. He asks if little pari will understand her mother’s pain and will accept her. Ashwini prays god to do a miracle and let Harini accept Devi as mother.

Virat says a mother sacrifices her world for her child and shatters when her own child disowns her. He calls Devi on stage and says let us see if Pari will accept Parimaa and love her or not. Devi extends her hand towards Harini. Everyone eagerly look at Harini. Ashwini prays god that Devi suffered a lot and he should clear her pain. Harini runs and hugs Devi calling her Devi mamma. Sai happily claps seeing that. Everyone clap seeing Harini and Devi’s bonding. Sai happily hugs Pakhi and then Virat. Pakhi gets jealous seeing that. Virat tells Sai that they were successful in bonding Harini and Devi. Sai says even she is. Pakhi tries to leave, Virat holds her hand and says whatever happened today is because of her, thanks her, and requests not to go.

Virat and Sai praise Mohit for his amazing direction. Mohit says his first show got so successful and if a director can make someone smile, that is his biggest achievement. Sai then praises Karishma for playing lights at the right time. Karishma says she is very talent and praises Sai and Pakhi’s acting. Pulkit sees Harini and Devi playing together and thanks god. He then thanks Sai and Virat for reuniting a mother and a daughter and says if it was in his hands, he would have given them the biggest award of the world. Virat says this is their biggest award. Sai says today is both Devi and Harini’s birthday.

Virat says its not Devi’s birthday today. Sai says a mother is born when child is born and prays god for Devi and Harini’s bonding forever. Bhavani walks to Devi and says she is very happy seeing her happy. Devi says she will become a good mother like her and introduces her to Harini. Harini says she already met naani/grandma. Sai asks Harini to hug naani. Harini does. Mohit clicks their pics. Harini says thank you Mohit maami. Bhavani asks Devi to continue playing and tells Virat that she did whatever he asked and hopes he doesn’t have any issue with her now.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Virat asks Pakhi what did he do that sheis so angry on him. Pakhi shouts that he betrayed her and played with her feelings, asks if they didn’t love each other and wanted to marry each other, if he didn’t promise her. He says he did but its. Sai hears their conversation.

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Telecast Date:2nd June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


  1. This Pakhi should be give a good slap. Its time she accepted the marriage of Sai and Virat. By her behaviour the chances of Virat and Sai getting closer and bonding better is spoiled. Writers why cant you guys be a LITTLE MORE realistic in your work. Have some reality too not all fiction.


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