Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 2nd December 2021 Pulkit and Devi visit Chavan family to celebrate diwali. Omkar and other seniors miss Ninad. Ashwini informs that she just spoke to Ninad and he wishedd them all happy Diwali. Pakhi comments that their star couple Sai and Virat are missing.

Sonali comments Sai must have shifted to Virat’s room by now, so she doesn’t want to get out of room. Devi warns her to stop badmouthing about Sai. Ashwini confronts Sonali to stop badmouthing about her children and talk about other couples instead. Omkar yells that her children what others don’t. Mohit says he will go and bring them. Pulkit backs him. Ashwini says let them come on their own as there is still time for pooja.

Sai with her suitcase walks to Virat’s room remembering DIG’s that Virat cares for her immensely and thinks she will ask Virat if he cares for her like a friend or husband. She sees Virat getting ready for duty.

Virat informs that he is going on a mission. She gets sad hearing that. Outside in living room, Sonali and her team continue badmouthing about Sai. Sai asks which mission he is going on. He remembers DIG informing him about a confidential mission to catch his best friend Sada and reminding him to separate his personal and professional life. He says she knows he cannot reveal it as per protocol.

She asks if he will not perform diwali pooja with her. He says he is an IPS officer and his holidays have finished. She asks what about them. She says they will be always best friends, he needs to perform his duty first now as she knows even Aaba used to consider duty first. She nods yes.

Pakhi comments they perform Laxmi pooja on diwali to welcome her home, so they should perform even Sai and Virat’s pooja to let them come on time. Virat and Sai walk down. Ashwini asks if he will go to police station after pooja. Virat informs that he has been assigned a mission and is going on it. Bhavani says why he is going on a mission before diwali pooja.

Sai asks if DIG visited them to inform about the mission. He says to both meet her and inform about mission. Samrat says he was happy that they will perform pooja after a long time, but he is proud that his brother gives preference to his duty first. Bhavani shows concern and asks what if something happens to him during mission. Ashwini says whenever Sai and Virat separate, either one will get in danger. Virat says he has answer for even that and holds Sai’s hand.

Pakhi comments if he will take Sai along as a nazar battu/evil eye warder. Virat says he warned her many times not to interfere between him and Sai and tells family that they got into trouble as they fought and separated always, but now they are bestfriends and Sai will stay in his house now till he returns. Sai nods yes and thinks she wanted to know if she is only friend to him.

Pakhi (trying hard to get some expression on her face) thinks if they are allowed, they will hug each other and express their love for each other, so its better Virat leaves from here. Virat consoles Ashwini and says her son is an IPS officer and prefers duty over his family first, he cannot expect this from an army officer’s wife. Omkar and Samrat feel proud of Virat. Mohit searches Sai. Sai returns with aarti and asks Bhavani to perform Virat’s vijay/victory aarti and tie a Bappa’s protective thread over his hand for his victory. Bhavani says Sai will perform aarti today.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai asks Pakhi why she came to Virat’s room in his absence. Pakhi says to welcome Sai in Virat’s room in his absence. Sai says Virat’s friendship is with her. Pakhi asks not to trust Virat as he promised even her. Sai asks to be specific. Pakhi says Virat is a man and expects someone to support him as a wife, soon there will a third person in their lives.

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Telecast Date:2nd December 2021
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