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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 26th November 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 26th November 2020 Virat and Sayi perform Mahadev and Mata Gowri’s pooja after marriage. Usha walks to Pakhi and team and introduces herself as Usha, Sayi’s maid, but considers her as daughter and is happy to get Virat as damadji; asks them not to feel bad for Virat and Sayi’s marriage without informing them as they had to marry under unavoidable circumstances, they will be happy to see Sayi’s nature. Virat breaks coconut, and a chip falls on Sayi. He apologizes her. She says he apologized her, but how will he apologize his family whom he hurt, especially Pakhi. He looks at Pakhi. Pandit asks them to hold coconut together and perform pradakshina/round the god’s idol. They follow. She says he can go and meet Pakhi and others while she finishes pradakshina. He says he is not to the one who will leave things incomplete, he will finish pradakshina and then will meet Pakhi and others. He stops in between pradakshina. She reminds him. He apologizes and continues pradakshina. She says he must be thinking that he was going to Nagpur but is caught in this mess. He says he is just fulfilling his responsibility and nothing else as he has promised someone that he will not let anyone else in his heart except her.

Pakhi cries in front of Sunny that Virat broke his promise made to her and brought someone else in his life. Sunny says what they see and reality are different, they should listen to Virat once. Pakhi cries repeating her words. Sunny says again she should speak to Virat once. She says he is saying this as he is Virat’s friend. Sunny asks if she is not Virat’s friend.

Virat continuing pradakshina with Sayi says he is sorry that she has to bear all this. She says nothing is more shocking than Abha’s death, this wedding is not with her permission that she should be happy. He says he knows this marriage is not with her wish, but she shouldn’t remind him repeatedly; he is just fulfilling promise made to Kamal sir and nothing else. She says she knows and is feeling for Pakhi whose heart he broke, he should go to her now. He says its not her mistake. She says she is responsible for all this, if Abha was alive, he wouldn’t have let this happen.

Karishma enjoys sweets. Mohit scolds her that a lot is happening here, but she is busy having sweets. She says its prasad. He says he will call family and inform them that Virat married without informing family like them and that too a small girl. Karishma stops him saying Badimaa will scold them asking why didn’t they stop Virat, so let us wait and watch the drama unfolding at house. After pooja, Milind and others greet Mohit and Karishma and ask if they would like to have something. Mohit says they already had a lot. Milind asks Virat to introduce his family to Sayi. Virat introduces his cousin Mohit and his wife Karishma, then introduces his best friend Sunny. Sayi touches Sunny’s feet and takes his blessings. Virat then looks at Pakhi. Karishma says she is their elder bhabhi Patralekha aka Pakhi. Virat says she is his cousin Samrat’s wife.

Sunny takes Virat aside and what will he tell his family now and how will he manage the situation. Virat informs him that he had to marry Sayi as he promised dying Kamal sir to take care of Sayi and Sayi’s life was in danger. He asks how will he explain this to Pakhi and why did he call her here. Virat hopes Pakhi understands his problem, she would have been panicked seeing him and Sayi in Nagpur, so he called her here; he will speak to Pakhi and explain her situation. He walks to Pakhi and asks her to listen to him once. She says he broke her trust. He says he had to marry Sayi under pressure, she should listen to him once. She says came to Gadchiroli hope he wanted to say something, but shattered seeing him applying sindhoor in Sayi’s forehead. He says called her to explain situation and apologize. She says his time to apologize is one, what he did is not a mistake but betrayal; he had promised that nobody would come between them, so she married his brother, but then.. He says everything happened suddenly. She says nothing happened suddenly, since he came here, she is listening about only Sayi. He says he didn’t betray her, else he wouldn’t have called her here; he has given Sayi freedom to go wherever she wants to after her education completes. Pakhi she knew he wouldn’t break his promise, but what about promise made to her, why did he gave her a promise when he had to break it.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 27th November 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Usha bids farewell to Sayi and asks her to return soon. Sayi say she will never come back as she is leaving her house because of them. When car jumps on road hump, Sayi holds Virat’s shoulder. Pakhi notices that.

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Telecast Date:26th November 2020
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