Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 23rd November 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 23rd November 2022 Virat with Sai takes Savi for school admission interview and encourages her to answer the questions confidently. Principal calls them in. Virat hesitates to introduce Sai. Sai says she is Savi’s mother. Savi introduces herself as Savi Sai Joshi. Principal praises Savi’s confident.

Virat says Savi is excited to get admission in this school. Principal asks Savi if knows alphabets. Savi says she can even read and write sentences and reads one. Principal asks her complex questions and she answers confidently and even corrects Virat in a science related question and asks him if he doesn’t update his knowledge. Principal says Savi is right and sends Savi out with peon to have a school tour.

Principal praises Savi’s upbringing and says they have home schooled Savi really well. She says they can get her admission in a higher class and in fact Vinayak’s class. Sai says Savi will not get admission in this school. Virat says Sai doesn’t mean that. Sai thanks principal for praising Savi, but she has already got Savi’s admission in a different school. Virat asks how can she without his permission.

Principal says what is the use of this interview then. Sai says she wanted to prove that she has given good upbringing to Savi and she cannot afford such a high fees being a middle class woman. Principal says Virat will pay the fees, she must he taking child support from Virat. Sai says she doesn’t take any child support and brought up Savi herself. Principal asks her not to stop Savi’s growth.

Principal says she will never stop Savi’s growth and leaves thanking principal for sparing her precious time and acknowledging Savi’s good upbringing. Virat apologizes principal and says he didn’t know Sai got Savi’s admission in a different school. Principal says they should shave already spoken first and then come here.

Ninad and Ashwini return home after shopping. Bhavani asks where they had been. Ashwini says they had gone to buy gifts for Savi as she is getting school admission. They excitedly show their gifts and plan a samosa party to celebrate Savi’s admission. Bhavani says let Savi pass the interview first, she is sure Savi won’t as Sai didn’t teach her anything except misbehavior.

She starts badmouthing about Savi and Sai and tongue lashes Ashwini and Ninad for supporting them. She gives verdict that Savi will not visit Chavan nivas. Ninad says whether she likes it or not, Bhavani has to accept that Savi will visit them often after her admission in Vinayak’s school. Ashwini says Savi is their granddaughter and would visit them even if she doesn’t get admission in Vinayak’s school, they are part of this house and expect their family members not to disrespect their granddaughter. Bhavani and her team stand frowning hearing that.

Vinayak gets happy seeing Savi in his school. Teacher asks if she is the same girl who supported him during his running race. Vinayak says yes and asks if he can show his school to Savi. Teacher permits him. Virat argues with Sai for going against his wish and getting Savi admitted in a different school.

Sai says she doesn’t want Savi to compare herself with rich kids and wants her to learn to share things with others, adjust with people, etc. Virat says let him build his daughter’s future. Sai asks why don’t he understand that she wanted to show him that she wasn’t waiting for him to come and build his daughter’s future, she is working hard for her daughter’s bright future and will get her admission in a school she likes.

Vinayak asks Savi if principal approved her admission. Savi says she doesn’t know. Virat tells Sai that he knows she would upbring Savi well, he didn’t like her decision of not taking child support from him and as a parent wants to share 50% expenses. Sai agrees. Virat asks where did she get Savi admitted. Savi says same old school where Virat studied as Savi wants to become like him.

Virat rejoices hearing that. Sai takes Savi along. Vinayak asks Virat if Savi’s admission is over and goes in after school break ends. Ashwini nervously waits to hear news of Savi’s admission. Ninad asks her not to worry as admission would have finished by ow. Virat enters and says admission didn’t happen at Vinayak’s school. Bhavani says she knew Savi will fail. Sonali comments that Pakhi’s fate is good that Savi couldn’t clear the interview. Virat says Savi cleared the interview, leaving Bhavani’s team shocked.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 24th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Pakhi meets Sai and says she has problem in Virat getting admission in Savi’s school and asks her to shift with Savi to Kankauli or wherever she wants to, she will take care of all her expenses.Virat enters and hears their conversation.

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Telecast Date:23rd November 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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