Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21st September 2021 Pakhi says she and Samrat will take decision mutually, she will shift to Mahabaleshwar’s orphanage if Samrat wants to. Vaishali says she cannot stay in that place. Pakhi says she will stay wherever her husband stays. Vaishali says she and Shailesh are worried for her happiness and after much thought got her married to a well-settled government employee.

Samrat says he is no more a person who married her daughter and his life’s motto has changed, and if she wants him to back off from his motto, she should take her daughter home and give her happiness she deserves. Vaishali says he is misunderstanding her intention, she was just asking Pakhi if she is comfortable shifting, she is worried for him as a MIL and suggests to join back his duty as people whose life is well settled think of brightening other’s lives, social service is good but sacrificing life for that.

Mansi asks him to think about Vaishali’s words, she knows he feels happy by serving kids. Vaishali says life doesn’t run on happiness and till when he will bear his expenses without job and only on his savings. She says she is asking him to think practically, Pakhi also thought before marriage. Pakhi signals her to stop.

Mansi says Pakhi after marriage thought of giving time to this relationship and family and she did that, life took away Pakhi’s happiness. Mansi asks what is the use of discussing past, they should discuss about their future. Vaishali says she is right and asks Samrat how will he survive without job. Samrat says he never asked Pakhi to leave her job as he doesn’t have a backward thinking, he took oath to take care of her and will fulfill it. Pakhi says Samrat is doing what he feels happy with, she can work even now. Vaishali says she is their only daughter and cannot shift to another city.

Samrat says Pakhi wants to accompany him, but he is not sure to take care along; he means even he is concerned that she may not get adjusted to new environment. Pakhi says her wish is to stay with him. He says he understands her wish, but when her excitement cools down, she wouldn’t want to stay with him and once she steps out of Chavan Nivas, all her talks would vanish in air. Pakhi says she can understand his words, whatever he is saying is happening already to her; she suffered a lot and he wasn’t present here to see that. He says his presence wouldn’t have altered his pain as her pain was never for him. Vashali and Mansi open their eyes wide hearing that.

Sai fixes her bed on floor. Virat returns angrily and says if she thinks she can do mistakes and whatever she wants to by making Samrat and Pulkit on her side, she is wrong. Sai says she didn’t do any mistake and wants to clear that he shouldn’t force her as she will not get afraid he locks her in a room, she did right, Samrat and Pulkit supported her as she is right, but he looks still angry. She picks a steel scale and asks him to vent out his anger on her. He asks what is she doing. She asks him to punish her. He throws scale away and asks if she has gone mad, she is crossing her limits.

She says she always crosses limits, but he crossed his limit today by locking her in a room; she requested DIG sir and held his transfer as he is running away from his situation without facing it. He asks which situation is she talking about. She says why don’t he accept the biggest truth of his life. He asks her to be specific. She says he wasn’t happy with Pakhi and Samrat’s marriage since the beginning, but since he didn’t want to betray his brother, he asked Pakhi to start afresh with Samrat and she agreed, but she portrayed in front of him that she is very happy with Samrat and he got jealous and vented out all his frustration on me.

Mansi tells Samrat that Pakhi truly wants to move on with him, but why he drags her past repeatedly in between. He says she knows he means and is right. Vaishali says they should take time for their relationship and make it successful and invites him and Pakhi for a family gettogether to meet her relatives. Samrat says he is happy that she is doing so much in a short span, but he doesn’t know to act and is not mentally prepared for all this. Pakhi asks when will he prepare himself then.

He says he cannot forget his past instantly like she is acting. Vaishali says things take time to settle down, she just wants to request him to meet her relatives or else they will think something is wrong. Samrat says they took many oaths during their wedding, but does Pakhi remember even one oath; he requests her not to force him to meet strangers and go away from dear ones. Pakhi asks Vaishali to cancel gettogether and organize it when Samrat is ready. Samrat says he didn’t ask her to cancel it and she can meet her relatives whenever she wants to. She says she will meet people only with him as she has seen pity expression for her on her relative’s face, so she will meet relatives only when he is ready. He thanks her for understanding him.

Samrat tells Sai that she is thinking wrong. Sai says he cannot get away from truth. He says he understands what she means. She says she knows that Pakhi will not give Samrat a place in her heart just like he will not let anyone else than Pakhi in his heart; how can she forget that he still has Pakhi in his heart. He asks if she thinks she is right and he is wrong, she should stop her stories.

She says he is creating false stories. He says he doesn’t care what she thinks. She says he should ignore it then instead of getting angry on her repeatedly or if he is jealous seeing a few people at home supporting her and unwillingly letting her stay here till she completes her studies. He asks her to stop repeating like a tape recorder, why she thinks so. She says her presence matters to him wrongly. He says it affects him and he wants to go away from her for the same reason.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 22nd September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Virat tells Sunny that he doesn’t like a rift with Sai and its a punishment for him, will his love be incomplete again. Sai thinks she will free Virat from her burden and tells Bhavani that she can prepare less food from tomorrow as things will change form tomorrow. Virat thinks what is Sai up to.

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Telecast Date:21st September 2021
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