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Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 20th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 20th September 2021 During pooja, Pandit asks Pakhi to perform next step. She is lost in thought. Samrat alerts her. Pandit says they all should pray for this couple’s happy married life. Ashwini and Pulkit ask Sai to sit next to Virat. She denies. Devi forcefully makes her sit next to Virat. Pakhi gets jealous seeing that. Panditji finishes pooja and starts Satyanayaran pooja.

Everyone pray god with closed eyes while Pakhi looks at Vanraj. After pooja, family gathers to question Sai. Samrat says nobody will question Sai except him. Ashwini asks Sai to go freshen up. Virat says she cannot go without answering his question. Samrat repeats that only he will question Sai. Virat says Sai is his wife and nobody has right stop him. Ninad says he can question Sai as her FIL and asks why did she risk her life by get outing out climbing down a pipe.

Bhavani yells at Sai that she is shameless and didn’t think what people will think. Sai says they will think that she was not let out of house via main door, so she is going out via pipe. Virat says only he will question Sai now. Samrat says what he did with Sai is domestic violence and as a police officer, he knows that Sai can file a complaint against him. Bhavani says Virat didn’t physically harm Sai. Samrat says says Virat mentally tortured Sai and she would have taken extreme step.

Pulkit asks him not to stretch an issue as he is at mistake. Virat says whenever Sai wants to trouble him, she threatens to leave house. Devi says he troubled Sai and is blaming Sai now. Virat says Sai provoked him to lock her in a room, why did she risk her life, what if something had happened to her. Sai says she forgot she is born and bought up in a village and climbing tree is normal to her, pipe is nothing, it was important for her to attend college.

He asks how important it was, she did it to win over him, she should have courage to accept truth. Pakhi says they had pooja at home today and even her mother attended it, Sai wants to ruin her happiness always and waits for it. Samrat angrily asks her to stop blaming Sai for god’s sake, its a crime to lock Sai in a room forcefully, nobody has right to lock someone in a room, Sai did what she felt right according to the situation and she is not at fault. Bhavani shouts masta masta, if he continues supporting Sai and hiding her mistake, she will do much bigger mistakes and trouble them.

Sai says it was important to attend college. Virat says even he requested her not to attend college today, but she as always disrespected him. Sai says it was force and not request, she always respected his orders, but he couldn’t tolerate when she denied for the first time.

Pulkit tells Virat that he and Sai are mature and should sit down calmly and sort out their issues, then why he is fighting. Virat says he was behaving calmly with Sai till now, but not anymore. Devi asks Sai to stay with her if Virat continues troubling her, she and Pulkit will take care of her. Pakhi tells Virat there is no use of holding sword in a lost battle, he tried to teach discipline to Sai, but failed;

can’t he see his own family members are supporting Sai’s heinous act. Samrat gets more angry and says Sai is also part of this family and asks why she tries to provoke everyone against Sai, if Virat or Sai and them both are her problem; she needs to answer his questions and he is ready to wait for her answers. Pakhi shocked asks what is he saying. He asks why she has so much venom for Sai. Mansi stops him and asks Pakhi to take her mother to her room and have a chat.

Vaishali takes Pakhi with her and asks why was Samrat misbehaving with her. Pakhi says she need not worry as she is habituated it to and asks how did she feel seeing her performing pooja with Samrat. Vaishali says she held pooja for her and Samrat’s togetherness, but their differences have increased; she doesn’t know why Samrat was behaving with her like that. Samrat enters and asks how? She says she couldn’t welcome him on his return, whenever she and Shailesh used to visit Pakhi, she used to stand silently hiding her pain, but parents cannot see children’s pain;

she felt really good seeing Samrat and Pakhi sitting together in pooja. Pakhi says even she felt good after sitting in pooja with Samrat, Samrat had left many things unfinished next day after marriage. Samrat thanks Vaishali for respecting him like a damad/SIL, he agrees that he left things unfinished and returned to finish them. Vaishali says there would be problems with any couple and it takes time to settle down.

Mansi enters with tea and says Vaishali is right, things between couples take time to settle down, even they both are settling down slowly. Samrat says she told she will not stop him if he wants to go back. Mansi says they should mutually take a decision. Pakhi says they will and she is ready to shift to Mahaleshwar’s orphanage with Samrat if he wants to.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Virat tells Sunny that he doesn’t like a rift with Sai and its a punishment for him, will his love be incomplete again. Sai offers him a scale and asks him to punish her. She tells Bhavani that she can prepare less food from tomorrow as things will change form tomorrow. Virat thinks what is Sai up to.

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
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