Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 12th April 2021 Virat consoles Bhavani that she is not with her daughter because of Sai. He says even he couldn’t stop Sai and felt very helpless because of her, he will not listen to Sai anymore. Pakhi consoles Bhavani next and tells Virat that she thought Sai would back off on his order and will stop thinking of Devi and Pulkit’s marriage, but she was wrong as Sai doesn’t care for anyone and even her husband Virat. Virat says even he felt same, he played holi with Sai, reminiscing the incident. Pakhi says Sai is untrustable, why didn’t Virat stop marriage. Virat says he thought of arresting Pulkit and bringing Devi back home, but the proof he had was not enough for that. Pakhi asks did he mean he was just watching Sai’s acts. He shouts he was as Sai planned everything perfectly and made Devi elope with Pulkit; once Sai is out, she has to answer his each question. Sonali says things will not change with his questioning.

Bhavani scolds Ashwini that she trusted her bahu, but her bahu didn’t even obey her. Ashwini says she had warned Sai, but she didn’t listen. Bhavani blames that she pampered and spoilt Sai. Ashwini asks not to say that. Ninad orders her not to let Sai inside home when she returns. Usha pleads him to listen to Sai once when she returns as she cannot take such a big step without any reason. Bhavani (in her worst tone) rudely shouts to shut up as she is no one to support Sai and should get out of house with Sai, its time to send both jungli women back to jungle. Sonali asks Ashwini to warn Usha not to interfere between family issues. Bhavani yells Sai ruined their family’s dignity. Shivani says Sai must have taken such a big step with some reason. Bhavnai yells that no reason is bigger than her family’s dignity, Sai felt Shivani’s third marriage proposal was also valid. Shivani asks not to drag that issue now.

Virat says he will punish Sai for her sin, closes door, and tells family that Sai will not step into this house again. Ashwini asks Virat to find out once why Sai is doing this. Pakhi asks how can she support Sai instead of Virat, Virat had done his investigation and warned Sai, but she didn’t even listen to her husband and made Devi elope and marry Pulkit; Sai didn’t even think its important to inform Virat once before taking such a big step, etc. She continues badmouthing about Sai when Ashwini asks her to stop, they all know what Sai did, but only Sai knows why she did that; let her come and explain it, till then Pakhi should stop spitting venom against Sai. Virat yells at Ashwini again and loudly announces that nobody will think about or take Sai’s name in Chavan Nivas. Usha tries to stop him. He says he will not listen to anyone now, Sai doesn’t have any place in his heart or house. Usha asks where will an orphan Sai go. Virat says from where she came, Gadchiroli. Bhavani yells that whoever will ruin Nagesh Chavan’s family’s dignity, she will ruin their lives. Virat asks Usha to go in. Bhavani yells to explain even Ashwini. Ninad yells its waste to explain Ashwini. Omkar yells next.

Sonali asks what will Virat do without evidence, even Sangeeta’s letter.. Virat asks Pakhi to bring him Sangeeta’s letter. Bhavani asks not to scold Pakhi and instead scold a person whole stole letter from Pakhi’s cupboard and burnt it. Virat asks who burnt it. Sonali says who else than Sai. Virat says with letter, even last proof is gone. Ashwini asks if some one saw Sai burning letter, asks Sonali, Pakhi, and others and asks how can they allege Sai without any evidence. Virat yells that she can blindly trust Sai, but not question their trust; he asks why didn’t they notice Sai’s such a big planning and asks to remember if she had said something. Pakhi yells there is nothing to think as Sai always thought wrong for this family. Sonali backs her. Shivani asks not to say that as Sai did so much for her, she got her out of Amay’s trapped and fought with allegers for her. Pakhi says Sai helped Shavani doesn’t mean she is good. Shivani says just because Pakhi hates Sai, she cannot see her goodness at all and she never saw her praising Sai, how can anyone hate Sai. Pakhi says she is worried for family and a person should have good qualities to be praised, why is whole family angry on Sai then. Mohit says whole family is not angry on Sai; he, Ashwini, and Shivani are on Sai’s side. Virat warns Mohit to behave with Pakhi. Door bell rings. Mohit says he will go and check as Sai must have come. Virat stops him. Sai continues ringing bell and thinks why anyone is not opening door. Virat warns family not to open door.


Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin 13th April 2021 12th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Sai gathers neighbors and says when Chavan family didn’t bother about their daughter’s happiness, they deserve insult by others. Virat warns Sai that she is crossing her limits and will repent. Sai says she doesn’t bother about the outcome and hopes Chavan family doesn’t do injustice with others.

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Telecast Date:12th April 2021
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  1. I am watching this drama right now. Virat us angry because he lost to Sai. Virat can’t accept defeat. He should also listen to Sai’s side of the story. How the family planned and kidnapped Pulkit. Wish he investigate further to find the truth. Pakhi is a bitch she destroyed the letter that she wrote to defame pulkit and now blaming Sai. Pakhi is in love with Virat so she will do anything to poison and bring a rift between Sai and Virat.


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