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Ghar Ek Mandir 7th September 2021 Shivam shows Genda her room and insists her to walk in, Genda hesitate, Shivam says you have to listen to me, Genda says okay and walks in, and then puts Maharaji’s 2nd teaching, which is the business which keeps family together is the real business so family first, Shivam says okay. Genda and Shivam keep Maharaji’s 3rd teaching in temple which reads, family, business and society give them equal importance. Shivam takes Genda to Kundan’s room, Genda says Shivam actually, Shivam says why are you not entering you don’t want to keep any teaching here, Genda says yes I want to hut, Shivam pulls her in, Genda looks around and keeps it on side desk 4th teaching which is change is important and we have to change with time, Shivam says like next year I will go to new class, Genda says correct.

Anuradha comes looking for Genda and says I looked for you everywhere, Genda takes her blessings, Shivam says I got her here, I was showing her whole house and we were keeping teachings in hosue look, Anuradha smiles and says okay go now play, Shivam leaves. Anuradha says he is a kid and its your first Rasoi and Amaji is going to come there is so much work and you are fooling around with a kid, and poor Nisha is working alone.
Nisha says no one can behave this way with me, today I will show them all.
Genda apologize to Anuradha, Anuradha says its okay but do ask once.

Varun wakes up and says god because of this illness yesterday what must Genda be thinking, Varun looks at petals on his bed.

Genda walks in kitchen with Anuradha, Genda asks why different stove, Anuradha says Amaji likes all sattvik, just like prasad, you are very lucky to have her blessings, Nisha says yes she didn’t come to ours too but she is here now I am happy with that, Anuradha says yes but you two take care, this is bery important and Genda you and Varun do take blessings. Genda says okay. Anuradha asks Genda to light the stove, Genda tries to light with lighter, Anuradha stops her and says use match stick, and do ask before you do anything, Nisha says actually it is my fault, I didn’t tell her anything, Anuradha says no worries you two handle here I will go manage outside and Nisha get thal ready to wash Amaji’s foot.

Nisha says don’t worry Genda, Genda says thank you, Nisha says do consider me as your elder sister and how was your first night, Genda blushes, Nisha insists her on telling, Genda says we slept well, Nisha says what you slept, oh I understand all must be new but don’t worry I will teach you everything, dont shy around me.

Guests arrive for Muhdikhai and Amaji Pravesh. Amaji arrives. Genda busy in kitchen alone. Varun walks to her and holds her hand. Varun asks what are you doing, Genda says prepping for my first Rasoi and Amaji’s is coming so, Varun murmurs so I will have to eat all tasteless food. Varun says anyways you come to room if you get free time, you got me a gift last night, I have one for you and will help you too. Nisha walks in and says wow Varun having romantic time, Genda says I will go I have some work, Genda leaves, Varun says I am here for tea, Nisha says wow you did so much hardwork you came here to have tea, Varun says any problem, and you should stop interfering, Nisha says why will I, I am happy for you two and Genda is cooking something special for you, Varun says for me she didn’t tell me, what is she cooking, Nisha says thats surprise and leaves.

Genda in kitchen, Nisha walks to her and says Kheer is smelling good, Nisha makes fun of Genda and teases Genda saying Varun is here, Nisha says Genda Varun will eat first time of what you will cook, so make something special, let me tell you what he likes, Nisha gets onion and garlic and says here cut this fine. Genda says but Mummy said only Satvik today, Nisha says its for Varun not Amaji, he doesn’t like Satvik, now start cooking, and this vessel is for Satvik so let me cook on other stove and vessel. Nisha says very good, cook well.
Nisha thinks now this food by mistake goes in Amaji’s thali all will blame Genda and this will be her last day because no one will forgive her.

Anuradha asks Varun to call Kundan, Amaji is near by, Varun calls Kundan and informs. Kundan apologize to customer that he has to shut shop, he will help them tomorrow. Suman, Anuradha go to welcome Amaji, Nisha around too. Varun keeps looking for Genda and asks Nisha where is Genda, Nisha says she is cooking for you, Varun smiles.

Genda in kitchen says I am making Varun’s favourite dish, just like he likes it. Anuradha thinking where is Kundan and how wull she welcome Amaji alone. Nisha thinks no one will forget this day.
Genda says Varun I am cooking for first time for you, I will never forget this day.

Kundan arrives in time and welcomes Amaji. Amaji takes seat, Kundan asks Manish and Nisha to wash Amajis foot. Nisha gets thali and both wash Amajis foot. Nisha says Amaji you couldn’t come to our wedding but today you are here, Amaji blesses them. Amaji says to Kundan your elder daughter in law is very cultured, she will be good influence on younger daughter in law too, Anuradha says with your blessings even our younger daughter in law is calm and cultured, Amaji says is it, where is she. Nisha thinks just some little time, then whole life she will be blamed.

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