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Ghar Ek Mandir 4th November 2021 Genda says to Varun, you told me truth only when you wanted me to be part of your lie, listen Varun, I love you a lot but that doesn’t mean I have to trust you blindly but stop you from doing something wrong, Varun says you insulted Mummy,

Genda says she is my mother, I just denied to stand by what was wrong, Varun says Mummy was right you don’t understand what elders say and one day you will learn that you were wrong and my mother was right, Genda says this will never happen, Varun says it will, she is experienced and she has kept this family together and can never match her, Genda says I don’t want to, and tell me who supports here,

Manish Bhaiya is working with Mamaji and Gopal uncle is not supporting Papaji and you stole and lied in your own shop, now tell me where is trust, care, in our family, Varun says you are insulting everyone, Genda says don’t take me wrong but family is someone who supports in bad time and even after so much efforts of Mummy our family is still not together so there must be some fault. Varun says wow Genda,

you think you know things better than Mummy, enough now, you may think you are right but you can never be like my mother, Genda says I know that because our thinking and path is different but I can try to be better, Varun says this will never happen and if it does I will put your foot dust on my head, and please don’t ruin Dhanteras pooja with your truth speech. Genda thinks truth always helps and I will prove that to support family you need to know household and shop.

Maharaji in his room says today you made me proud Genda and I will give you opportunity to prove yourself and will also be a test for you as a woman and this test will come to you as a woman and be with you

Kundan says to Anuradha look what is happening, I never thought of this day, Anuradha says I feel ao bad for slapping Genda but she had crossed all lines, Kundan says all are right in their way, my elder son left business and younger one whom I trusted most lied and cheated and he stole from our shop, and my younger daughter in law left everyone behind, she made a mistake and isn’t accepting it,

so all are right then who is wrong, its me I am wrong but now I wilo do everything right, I don’t need anyone, Anuradha says you already are loaded with responsibilities, Kundan says do you trust me, Anuradha says more than I trust myself, Kundan says I will pay debt, there will be pooja in this house, Anuradha asks how, Kundan says I will and leaves. Anuradha says God how will he manage money.

Gopal, Harish, Kailash reach shop to take debt and sees shop is closed, Gopal thinks now it will be fun to see him get insulted. Kundan arrived in auto, Gopal asks did you lodge FIR against Ramesh, Kundan says not needed, actually I had taken money and forgot about it, people around gossip about it, Kundan says you all don’t worry I will apologise to Ramesh.

Kundan opens shop and gets in, Harish says I hope you remember you have to pay today, Kundan says I told you I will return money today evening so I will, so please leave, Gopal thinking how will Kundan manage, Gopal says I will leave.
Varun walks in shop. Kundan performs pooja in shop, Varun walks to him and says Papa how will you manage money, Kundan says you don’t worry because I am not a liar like you, and as a father whoes both son’s are useless I know what to do.

Manish gets Nisha gold earrings, Nisha says very pretty, why but, Manish says because its Dhanteras today but looking at what happened here, I don’t think something will happen in this house, Nisha says this is why I say listen to your wife, Manish says like Varun listened to Genda, Nisha says please me and Genda are different, Manish says how will you do pooja of these jewellery, Nisha says I will wear them and sit in Pooja.

Anuradha stops Genda from doing pooja and asks her to stay away from things, Nisha brings her Jewellery and keeps in temple, Shivam asks why so many money and jewellery, Anuradha says yes because of Diwali and all thanks to Genda we will not get Lakshmi and Happiness in this house, Genda is bad for this house, she took away peace from this house.

Shivam goes hugs Kundan, Kundan gives Anuradha money, Anuradha says let’s perform aarti and gives Nisha thali, Nisha thinks this is best Diwali. Genda remember Kundan giving Genda and Varun responsibilities but now Anuradha not allowing ger to participate. Genda asks Nisha can she perform Aarti,

Nisha says okay and gives Genda aarti, Anuradha opens eyes and says why did you take thali from her, Genda says because I am part of this family and no bad luck and its my right, we celebrate Dhanteras pooja and worship gold and money, because of Raja Hima and his 16 year old son, panditji had said that he will die because of snake bite on 4th day of wedding, and his wife on the 4th day kept prince awake and kept gold and money outside, Yamraj came as snake and he saw all this and left next day and so moral is a wife saved her husband with her intelligence, Anuradha says what you want to prove.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Varun says to Genda, here all have different thought process and it will be better if you gel with everyone.Maharaji asks Mahalakshmi what he can do to keep women together because here I can see them as enemies and not eachothers support.Kundan says to Genda, how can you compare yourself to Anuradha, she is the sky and you a mere dust on floor.Anuradha says this Genda troubled my husband a lot,she will bare the consequences now.

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Telecast Date:4th November 2021
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