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Ghar Ek Mandir 4th January 2022 Kundan thinking about Genda’s decision, Kundan goes to kitchen to get himself water. He hears ringtone and follows it and finds Nisha’ phone, (Shivam had kept Nisha”s phone by mistake).

Kundan picks the call, Soni says Nisha for helping against Genda, Siddhant wants to give money share, Kundan thinks about how hard Genda is working and hoe Nisha is against the family, he looks at hos chappals and remember his oath.

Agarwals upset after faliled plan, Varun asks where is Genda, Genda sees Soni and Siddhant counting money for MP, Genda walks to Varun and says Siddhant is giving MP money and I think its same money he stole from us, Varun says we have to get the bag, Varun and everyone sees tent is guarded.

Genda sees Kundan and is surprised. Kundan in guard outfit, he walks to guards…(Kundan injures a guard and changes dress with him, other guards think, Kundan is Bhanu’s replacement).

Siddhant gives MP money and apologise, Siddhant says your gift is here you will be very happy please sit, Siddhant asks Soni to get money. Varun, Manish, Genda think of going inside, Kundan walks out, shows the suitcase smiles and walks to them,

Genda sees Soni come, and walks to him and drops juice on him purposely, Soni gets angry on Genda and leaves. Kundan leaves. Shivam and others follow him, Genda looks at Kundan and takes his blessings, he blesses her, Genda says Thank you Papaji look I told you, we can’t do anything without you. Kundan says Siddhant made a huge mistake by challenging our family, Nisha thinks look at these people so happy, useless let me go inform Siddhant, Papaji is here.

Siddhant waiting for Soni to come, Soni walks to Siddhant, Siddhant asks him where is money, Soni says you asked guard to get it, Siddhant says are you mad where is bag, Soni says Genda dropped drink on me and later I founf you asked guard to get it. Siddhant gets angry and leaves.

Kundan says to everyone, our family is our strength and Siddhant won’t destroy us, Siddhant looking for Agarwal’s sees Shivam standing and walks to everyone, Kundan isnt there. Siddhant says you are good as waiters so don’t waste time here go serve guests, and Genda where is my bag, Genda asks which bag, Siddhant says my money bag, don’t act smart, Varun says which money, Siddhant says money stolen from your locker, Genda says then its our money so let it be.

Kundan and Shivam leaving, Shivam says all will be fine now right, Kundan says yes no one will be upset we will all leave happily.Genda says Siddhant learh one more thing from me tofay don’t mess with a family, you may be Siddhant Sinha but nothing in front of my families strength and you will be on your feet infront of my family. Dad walks in and says correct Genda, and has Shivam and Kundan on gun point. Dad says look Genda we founf the thief, Siddhant says thanks Dad, Nisha says Siddhant leave my son, Genda says all will be fine don’t worry.

Dad says Siddhant finish with them quickly, Siddhant says right dad, now lets start with apology session, but first Genda and then whole family and this will end when you will hand shop keys in my hand. Nisha says Genda please apologise, my son is with him, Genda says okay and says Siddhant I will apologise give Shivam back, Siddhant says you are not trust worthy but I am big hearted so will Shivam but Kundan will stay with us till you apologise, Siddhant leaves Shivam.

Genda says you are a coward Siddhant, I feel like spitting on you.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Siddhant shocked seeing his recording, Genda says now you will apologise, Kundan says yes you will fall in my daughter in law’s feet, Siddhant removes gun, Genda and Varun get shot.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2022
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