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Ghar Ek Mandir 3rd November 2021 Genda scolds Varun, says how could you do that, you blamed Ramesh uncle, Varun says it was situation, I didn’t and you saw how Papa reacted on Ramesh uncle what if he finds its me, Genda says this is not right, Papa will find someday, Varun says I will talk to Ramesh uncle and he will agree and understand my situation, Genda says have you lost it, this will ruin everything, how many lies will you tell, Varun says you started all this, I agree I wanted same thing but you lied to Papa first about designing, Genda in tears.

Varun says Genda I understand situation is complicated but there is no other way and trust me I will handle everything, just support me for the last time, Genda says how will I, because of you a person life will be ruined and why will someone bare for our mistakes, Varun says I am doing this for Papa, please try understand my situation and support me by just keeping quiet.Varun goes off to sleep.

Genda says I don’t know what to do, Maharaji in his room says tell truth Genda, I brought this difficulty so that you choose the path of truth or else I will take it as you are not the Genda I came for and will return, stand for truth Genda, its our test dont disappoint me.

Kundan next day says Anuradha call Varun, we will go police station, I will throw Ramesh and his whole family to jail and ruin their lives and then will be at peace. Kundan says Varun lets go. Varun says let’s wait for some more time, Kundan says no need, Manish says I will come with you, Kundan says you worry about your job and not me, Nisha thinks he left the shop but still Papaji leaves no opportunity to taunt him.

Varun says Papa, Ramesh uncle has been with us since so long, lets not go to police I will talk to him, Kundan says keep your advice to yourself, did he think about us, anyways are you coming or I will go alone.

Genda says to Kundan, one minute Papaji, Genda says please don’t go to police station, Kundan looks at Anuradha, Anuradha says I told you so many times not to interrupt men, Genda says please let me tell the truth, Kundan asks what truth, Varun nods no to Genda, Genda walks to Kundan and says Papaji, Ramesh uncle didn’t take money but Varun did, all shocked.

Kundan looks at Varun, Maharaji smiles sees Genda tell the truth. Anuradha says what nonsense are you talking, stop lying, my Varun can never do this, Genda says I am not lying but for first time telling the truth, and tells about how she got into designing to help Varun and all the back story and Varun had to return money to customer from locker and Ramesh missing is just coincidence.

Genda says we made a mistake by lying and our motto wasn’t to cheat you but help our family, but our lie would ruin a good man’s life, Anuradha gets angry and slaps Genda. Nisha smiles seeing that. Maharaji thinks Genda this slap was fir your lie and to accept this you need guts and we passed our test.

Genda says you are my mother and can slap me, you can scold me and hit me but what is my fault, Anuradha says you want to know what is your fault, first fault is you don’t understand what elders say and keep doing what you want to and all this is because of you, why did you go to shop, my Varun is stealing because of you, lying because of you, in everyone’s house people are celebrating Dhanteras and we discussing a lie a theft.

Genda says to Anuradha, you could be right but I didn’t do anything wrong according to me, Anuradha says who cares what you think, for us you are wrong and you will have to apologise to everyone, Nisha thinks first time I am seeing Mummyji so angry, apologise Genda. Genda says I will apologise for lying but not for helping Varun, I will help whenever my family needs me, it might be wrong for you but I don’t think I did anything wrong, I am happy I could help my family, like mummyji fulfills all her responsibilities so did I, so how am I wrong, I won’t apologise for helping Varun.
Genda goes to her room, Varun follows her.

Varun says to Genda in his room, why did she do that, what was the need, I asked you to keep quiet, you did wrong, Genda says I would let Ramesh uncle and his family to jail, I won’t, and its good that truth is out, Varun says everything has right time but you don’t trust me, Genda says did you trust me, no you didn’t so you hide things, Varun says I told you everything even about keys, Genda saya you told me that when you were scared I would return keys to Papaji.

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Telecast Date:3rd November 2021
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