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Ghar Ek Mandir 3rd December 2021 Siddhant shows Kundan and Manish cheque and tears it, and throws on them. Manish thinks things are waste now. Siddhant says come sit, I tore cheque doesn’t mean I won’t buy your shop, I will but with a twist. Genda keeps requesting guards to let her in, she sees Siddhant’s secretary and calls her.

Siddhant writes another cheque, Manish says but this is just 40 lakhs, Siddhant says if Genda would apologise I would pay you full and don’t mind this is business, Kundan gets angry and says what nonsense is this, Siddhant says I am sorry, you can leave if you want but do have tea, you are smart enough so think clamly, you can get the 10 lakhs too I just need an apology, Manish checks his phone and sees Nisha’s missed calls, and a message that Genda is coming here to ruin things, Manish says to Kundan, lets not think more, just sign and finish it.

Siddhant’s secretary lets Genda in. Kundan signs the papers thinking about his shop. Genda looks at Kundan from the glass. Siddhant takes paper from Kundan and hands him cheque, Manish thinks god this Genda made 10 lakhs loss. Kundan upset leaves with Manish. Genda sees them coming out and hides. Siddhant thinking where is Genda, she couldn’t save shop atleast save her father in law.

Genda thinking what will she do now, shop is sold now, and starts crying says Varun we lost, our shop is sold and I couldn’t do anything and couldn’t keep my promise.
Siddhant sees Genda in cctv, and walks to her with hanky, and says it’s too late Genda, tears won’t help, but you look good crying and you said you won’t let the shop sell, look all is done now, your attitude and reputation if your family is all ruined, you should go in market and see by youself the shop is mine now, I told you don’t mess with me and please I don’t like people who cry neither do I cry, I am a winner, qnd don’t like losers around me.

Genda says you call this a win, I am crying not because I lost shop but because my father in law lost his dignity.Siddhant says to Genda, why show frustration on me, Genda says which world are you living in, there os something abve winning and losing which is love and relations, but you only have ego and stubbornness, Siddhant says there is no place and time for love and emotions, Genda says don’t need time for all this you need heart which you don’t have so you are a biggest loser here.

Genda removes a photo from her bag and shows to Siddhant, he gets angry, Genda says this js your mother right, Siddhant sees his photo with his mother and mother’s face crossed and asks where did you get this…( Genda while yelling at Siddhant in office, the photo dropped of his jacket). ….

Genda says how can a person have emotions who hates his mother so much and its clear that,she left when you were kid and who would stay with a guy like you who has so much hatred, I told you right fight with me if you are a man, but you got scared and targetted my husband and father in law, and you call this a win, you are a loser because we started it and you ended it with father in law, you are scared of me and because you hate women even your mother left you.

Genda leaving the room sees Siddhant’s Dad and asks Genda to wait, says Siddhant come with me and Genda wait till we come.
Dad says to Siddhant no ways son, you will answer every bit of her accusations, you know very well how to teach her lesson, Siddhant says don’t worry I will teach her a lesson.

Siddhant walks to Genda and says lets do a thing, lets finish this with you, here are papers of your shop, keep it, Genda says what is your motto behind it, Siddhant says I don’t want this to end soon, so you have 3 months, if you return my money 1.5x you cab take back the shop and if you couldn’t you will leave your family and husband and go very very far, my mom was weak couldn’t bare challenge and left everyone,

but let’s see can you fight or leave everyone, because its easy to say but hard to win, its a big risk, whole women community is counting on you, do you accept this challenge, Genda says yes but Agarwal and son’s board shouldn’t be removed. Siddhant says done and you won’t pay rent but come 3 months everyday to my house and it would be just between you and me. Genda says deal and takes papers.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 4th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kundan throws paper on Genda and says she is playing with my dignity and reputation. Kundan asks Varun to choose between Genda and him Varun says this is between right and wrong and Genda is right so I chose her.Kundan pours water on himself says this girl and her husband are dead for me.

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Telecast Date:3rd December 2021
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