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Ghar Ek Mandir 31st December 2021 Siddhant calls Genda and says don’t forget you are organising the party I’m going to have VVIP guests like MP of our state so start working, Genda says okay.Genda tells everyone that Siddhant made things easy for us and shares plan, Kundan hiding and listening.

Genda walks to Varun in their room and asks what is he thinking, Varun says tomorrow is very important for us and I hope its goes as per plan, Genda says it will and we would have won long back if it wasn’t Nisha Bhabhi but now we are together and all will work. Varun hugs her and thanks her.

Varun next day asks everyone if they are ready, all walk to him, Genda comes home, Varun says all good, Genda says yes now no one can help Siddhant, Nisha thinking about she unable to tell Siddhant about Genda’s plan. A parcel arrives, Varun says Genda its for you, Varun and Genda open it, Genda reads note which says it’s special party and so special clothes and all will not get this chance everyday to see you begging and so do wear theze clothes and come.

Everyone get dressed and pray to Maharaji to help them. Nisha slowly decides to message Siddhant, Shivam takes phone and says no phone while pooja, Anuradha gives Nisha cold looks, Anuradha says Genda don’t worry all will be fine and we are together, Genda says I wish Papaji was with us.

Everyone sees Kundan outside, Genda says Papaji we need your blessings and please forgive us this time the last time and your blessings we need them to fight this big problem. Genda smiles after touching feet.

Varun says he didn’t bless why are you smiling, Genda says because he didn’t stop us this time which means a lot and all leave.Kundan says my blessings are and always will be with you all, you are fighting a monster with whom its impossible to win and I pray to God to give you strength to go through this and I won’t be able to see all that and so won’t be with you.

Siddhant asks Manager all okay, he says yes just waiting for our special waiters, Siddhant says make sure they have grand welcome. Agarwal’s walk in, Siddhant says welcome and addresses guests and says this new year party is in Kucha Mahajani because I’m building mall here and meet our special guests and introduces Agarwal’s and these people are lossing their shop and so now they will need jobs for future and so I called them to help them, so they will serve food and drinks and work as waiters here. Agarwal’s realise they are wearing waiter clothes, all laugh.

Genda says feeding guests is in our culture and we get good blessings with it but a host has to take care of guests but how will you, you are the most dependent person here but don’t worry we will take care here, Varun says let it be Genda, Siddhant asks where is head waiter Mr. Kundan Agarwal. Genda says okay if without him doesn’t work, we will go, Siddhant says no worries stay and good Kundan Agarwal isn’t here because old man wouldn’t bare this and slip into a heart attack but atleast Mrs. Agarwal and Jr. Agarwal is here, Varun gets angry, Genda stops him.

Siddhant asks Agarwal’s to start work and later they have to apologise after work is done and Genda will fall in my feet and apologise and many VVIP guests are here and they like good smiling faces and so you people make sure you keep getting insulted with a smile, so cheers to that. Siddhant asks his manager Soni to explain them work. Siddhant says Genda I have a gift for you and puts tag on her saree which reads Mrs. Genda Agarwal head waitress. Nisha smirks. Soni says lets go let me explain you work.

Nisha tries to get Siddhant’s attention, Anuradha sees Nisha missing and walks to her and asks what are you doing, Nisha says nothing and slips all laugh at her, Anuradha says you keep insulting us come now.Siddhant says to Soni, something is wrong, Genda doesn’t listen so easily she is definitely planning something.

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