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Ghar Ek Mandir 30th December 2021 Kundan in kitchen, Anuradha and Nisha asks whats wrong, Kundan asks them to get out and I will cook from today.Genda asksb Nisha and Anuradha whats wrong, Nisha says I guess Papaji is in shock, look how he ks behaving after that riot at shop and above that Genda promised Siddhant.

Kundan sees Genda and Varun and says stay there and get a vessel and says let me wash your feet sir and forces Varun to sit and wash his leg, Varun says what are you doing Papa, Kundan says Madam you come, you are the reason this house runs, look what I have to do in this age and I was just practicing for what she promised to Siddhant, she promised we all will beg to him. Nisha thinks of informing Siddhant how fun it is here such good game

Kundan asks Genda, first you challenged Siddhant and now this promise, Anuradha says I don’t think she will do like this, Genda says I did promise him but I won’t let me families reputation down this is just a step to teach Siddhant a lesson, Varun says yes this is only one way, to get our shop and money back,

Genda’s promise is a drama so that he believes that we are ready to apologise. Kundan asks whats the plan. Genda says Siddhant did everything but we have no proofs and we will do this for proof so please help. Varun says please listen to her. Manish walks in and says me or anyone in this family won’t help you, Kundan says I love you both and want to help you but you two don’t understand me, you know we can’t fight Siddhant and you challenged his ego.

Genda says so our goodness will die infront of his ego, Siddhant doesn’t know power of family and this is what we have to show him. Varun says to Manish, bhaiya please understand and talk to Papa. Anuradha says I will support my kids. Kundan says you will go against me, Anuradha says I would never do, but why can’t we give them a chance, is supporting them not our responsibility, Kundan says this is suicide no means no, Manish says me neither I have nothing to do with all this, Anuradha says you do come with me, Genda says no mummy ji, Anuradha says truth has to come out Genda don’t stop me, Manish come with me.

Nisha on call with Siddhant says Kundan is so disturbed such good move and when I will see Papaji in your feet in party I will be happiest and can’t wait to see lost Genda, Manish walks in and slaps Nisha.

Nisha looks around everyone starring at her, Manish again to slap her, Kundan stops him. Anuradha says Genda and Varun kept quiet and would never tell you because they wanted peace but I heard them talk and they asked me to keep quiet too so that you and Kundan don’t learn about her.

Manish says Nisha what have you done, you cheated on your own family, what bad did we do, Genda why did you do this to her, she called you, her elder sister shame on you, she was trying to save our reputation and you supported Siddhant instead shame on you, and you are the elder one here and you will be punished for this,

I’m calling police. Nisha falls in his feet and says please forgive me, Manish pushes her and starts packing Nisha’s clothes, Manish says you have no place in this house, get out, Nisha says I would never do this again, Genda and Varun try to stop him. Kundan says Manish leave her hand. Manish leaves Nisha’s hand.

Nisha says to Kundan, I’m sorry Papaji, Kundan says you don’t deserve forgiveness, you forgot we are family but I haven’t and so I won’t let you being thrown out, Nisha says I did everything because I forced, Nisha had threatened me that he will try kill you too like he did with Varun and so I helped him, even Papaji had given up on Siddhant and so why am I wrong, I did this to save my husband’s life but even after this you think I am at fault, I apologise please forgive me.

Manish says we both should apologise to Varun and Genda, they fought for us and where right, Varun and Genda I am sorry, you are younger to me but still fought for your family and I didn’t, you weren’t wrong I was please forgive me brother. Varun hugs him. Everyone smiles. Nisha angry.

Manish says I will support you and everyone here will and Nisha there is no need to be scared of Siddhant, Nisha thinks thank god they believed me, Manish says Papa I’m supporting them and Mummy too, Kundan leaves.

Manish asks Genda plan, Genda says something where Siddhant will confess his mistakes and then we will use this as proof, Genda asks Nisha where is the money, Nisha says I don’t know, Genda says our work will become easy of we knew where money is, Varun says we have to focus on confession, Anuradha why will he confess but,Nisha thinks I have to inform Siddhant about it, Siddhant gives Genda a call.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2021
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