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Ghar Ek Mandir 2nd September 2021 Kundan waiting for Manish to call. Varun keeps looking at Kundan, Pandit ji asks Varun to apply sindoor in Genda’s forehead, Varun applies her sindoor, Manish checking the bangle, Varun is asked to out Mangalsutra in Genda’s neck, Varun thinks why is Manish taking so long, Guests start talking about Varun and why he looks so worried abd upset. Varun hears that and then puts mangalsutra in Genda’s neck, Santosh very happy. Ratan whisper to Kundan, what will you do now it is Phere time too, why did you take such oath, Kundan says I trust my judgement, enough.

Panditji asks Genda and Varun to stand for phere, Varun confused, Genda standa, Varun looks at Kundan. Nisha says Manish its fake right. Panditji asks Varun to stand. Kundan stops Panditji and looks at his watch and says we have few minutes left for muharat. Varun keeps looking at Kundan. Kundan gets call from Manish.
Manish tells Kundan, jewellery is real. Kundan smiles and says okay. Varun thinks Papa is right Jewellery is real, Varun looks at Genda abd smiles.
Sadhu’s walk in front of The Jeweller shop. A customer walks into the shop and says you sold us gold plated Jewellery, its all fake jewellery, Jeweller realises that the necklaces got exchanged.
( Jeweller when he was packing jewellery, Sadhu walk in front of his shop and he realises he had got confused). Jeweller apologise to customer and tells he has rented his real Jewellery.

Manish scolds Nisha. Varun standa for Phere and gives Genda hand, Genda looks at him and smiles. Genda and Varun take phere, Anuradha whispers Kundan says I knew you will never be wrong.
Customer gives Jeweller a days time to return Jewellery or he will call police. Jeweller in tension says we cheated that girl and its her wedding too, we have to visit her in laws house. Ratan apologise to Kundan, Kundan says we will talk later when we go home and with you too Nisha.

Panditji annonces Varun and Genda husband and wife and asks them to take elders blessings. Kundan says Genda I am happy to have you in my family. Varun and Genda take everyone’s blessings. Nisha upset about jewellery being fake and thinks hope she is not punished because of it.
Everyone prays to Agrasen Maharaja, Genda picks his small idol takes blessings and thinks with this idol I am taking your teachings with me, Santosh prays to give her daughter happiness.

Genda’s Bidai rituals take place, Shivam asks Kundan what is Genda doing, Kundan says its a way of thanking her mother for raising her so well and now she is going to her in laws but her fathers house will always have wealth and happiness. Genda hugs Santosh and cries, Genda asks Santosh to take care of her health, Santosh says your in laws are your father and mother now and don’t upset anyone, take care of yourself and others.
Genda says bye to Harsha and Pankhuri, Harsha hands her Agrasen Maharajs idol, Genda walks to Baba and takes his blessings, he says life changes time to time and there are lot of twists too.

Genda looks at Maharaj’s idol, Kundan and family thank Genda’s family and leave with Genda.

Genda’s Griha Pravesh ritual takes place, Anuradha welcomes her with Arti, Genda perform rituals and steps in, Genda looses her balance but Varun holds her. Nisha says slowly slowly there are lot of things ahead.
Kundan welcomed Genda and says I told you Mahalaxmi and Maharaj Agrasen will come to our house and here they are. Gopal asks shall we have aarti, Genda asks why, Kundan says we perform aarti in our house on all good occasions.
Nisha says Papa I will light the diya, Kundan says wait Genda will light the Diya.

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