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Ghar Ek Mandir 2nd December 2021 Manish says I already told everyone not to mess with Siddhant he is dangerous but no one listens to me and look what has happened today, if you would sell the shop this all wouldn’t happen and all this os because of Papa’s stubbornness, which created problems for us, you went to Siddhant to apologise and look what happened, Genda challenged him and he did what he had too.

Varun says Genda we won’t be scared, if he attacks us we will attack back even if this happens 1000 times.

Manish says when will you all listen when things will come down to me and Shivam, so please I request you please sell the shop and save what we have.

Genda says Varun what if Papaji decides to sell the shop.
Manish says to Kundan, I am sorry, you are right, I have to understood your point earlier and sold the shop, I made mistake and my stubbornness has caused this and I won’t be able to forgive myself of this continues,

Nisha thinks finally this man understood. Kundan says that shop is my identity and what to do with such identity if it kills my son, tomorrow will go and remove our shop board and sell it to Siddhant, Anuradha in shock. Kundan says I don’t want such shop that will harm my family.

Varun says Genda as a birthday gift I want a promise from you that you won’t let our shop sell, Genda says I promise, let anything happen, I won’t let anyone sell our shop. Nurse walks in and asks Genda to let Varun rest.

Siddhant asks his secretary for tea and snacks for guests, and murmurs Kundan Agarwal I know you will be here and says to his secretary make sure its sugar free and are shop paper and cheque ready.

Anuradha asks Genda how is Varun now, Genda says he is resting so I came here to pick his clothes, where is Papaji, Anuradha says he went at Siddhants to sell shop, Genda remember her promise to Varun and says mummy why did you let them, Siddhant wants us to give up, I have to stop him,

Nisha says it’s not required, he is doing right, we have seen what Siddhant can do and Manish has taken lot of efforts to convince Papaji and you are responsible for all this, so please stay out of it and let things happen, Genda says you are elder here and you should have stopped them, that shop is our earning source, our identity and so we have to save it and I will go stop, Nisha says shop will be sold, Genda says I won’t let that happen, I won’t let my ancestral land be disrespect this way, Siddhant can no way buy it.

Genda leaves and Nisha gets angry and thinks she should be named black cat, keeps spoiling everything.

Siddhant is informed Kundan is here, Siddhant says bring them in, Siddhant thinks where is Genda. Genda on her way to Siddhant’s office. Siddhant welcomes Manish and Kundan and asks is this man your bodyguard, Kundan says no my elder son, Siddhant says I never knew you had two sons or, anyways kidding, Manish says he is here to sell shop, Kundan sitting, Siddhant says no one asked you to sit, be standing.

Nisha trying to call Manish to inform him that Genda is on her way to spoil things
Genda’s car breaks down, she starts looking for auto and gets none, she starts running.

Siddhant says your daughter in law isn’t here, why will she her attitude must be crushed right, Kundan says this is man talk why will she come, Siddhant says she has to, she has to apologise and beg me to buy shop.
Genda looses her balance and falls down, she hurts her leg and prays to Maharaji for help, and give her strength to fulfill her promise, she wants to save her shop.

Genda feels its stormy around her and smiles says thank you Maharaji and stands on her feet back.

Kundan says I am here and no one from my family will see you, Siddhant says okay if you say so. Genda reaches office, she isn’t allowed inside.

Siddhant asks cheque for, Manish says Kundan Agarwal. Siddhant signs the cheque.

Genda keeps pleading to let her in.

Siddhant shows cheque to Kundan and Manish.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 3rd December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Genda says I saw my father in law loose today.Genda says to Siddhant his mother left him because of his behaviour.Siddhant says to Genda, you have 3 months to pay me 1.5 times of money given you and I will return your shop, also you have to come to my house daily for one work.

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Telecast Date:2nd December 2021
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