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Ghar Ek Mandir 29th November 2021 Tripathi’s wife requests her husband to save Genda, because she is Maharaji’s devotee, and gives thumb on the paper, Genda thanks her, Tripathi’s wife says always take care of your family, Genda requests Tripathi to sign, he says I did where I had to. Varun trying to reach Genda. Anuradha walks in and asks why didn’t you go Mathura, Varun tells work couldn’t be done, because Siddhant’s manager reached before her, but she found a way, hopefully she reaches back in time.

Kundan calls everyone out, Varun asks who are these two men, Kundan tells everyone he is mortgaging house for shop, Varun says first shop and now house, Kundan says we have to save shop, Manish says Siddhant wants to buy shop, for his mall and he will get our shop come what may, don’t fight and sell the shop, or else with shop we will even loose our house,

Kundan says I am alive and won’t let his family suffer, this is my decision and I will do good, I will give bank money and you Manish shutup, you have no right to talk about shop, Varun lets go. Varun hopes Genda comes back soon.
Manish says to Anuradha soon all will see the consequences.

Dad with Panditji and Siddhant performing pooja, Varun and Kundan reach Kucha Mahajani, all say to Kundan so finally you too gave your shop, Kundan walks to Siddhant, Siddhant says welcome uncle, Kundan says this is my shop and what all is this happening, Siddhant says this was your shop, its now S S Creations shop, and you don’t worry take care of your health and since you didn’t pay loan they gave shop to me. Kundan calls Arora, Siddhant says won’t help but you can go ahead, because now I am owner of this shop, people start discussing that Agarwal should use some sense and not play with Siddhant.

Kundan asks Siddhant for proof, Siddhant shows him papers and says I paid 50 lakhs for this sign and if you would agree it would be yours, and soon you would sell your shop I know but your daughter in law Genda Agarwal, she is very smart, she challenged me and all her attitude look where ot brought you, Kundan asks what challenge, Siddhant says you got her office,

she challenged me that day that she won’t let this shop be mine and Siddhant doesn’t loose anything and wow Genda’s stubbornness she even fought with me in Mathura but still lost, Kundan says she is home, she is unwell, Siddhant says your eyes are, because I met her in Mathura yesterday, Kundan looks at Varun and asks what all is this, Siddhant says I really feel bad for you, shop and children no one is in your hands and let me give you one advice, women have some limits may sure they in them and about you, you are very good jeweller I will give you job and you don’t look good so please hand me my shop keys and may go home and rest.

Siddhant takes keys from Kundan’s hand, Kundan remember how he said he will take care of everything, and starts crying, Siddhant opens shop, and says Dad come break the coconut, Dad walks to shop with coconut, Genda stops him, she walks to them with papers, Varun smiles at her.

Genda walks to Siddhant and gives him papers, Siddhant asks what is this, Genda says land papers and has both owners signature which you have missed, may be because of your ego, but I have both signatures Manohar and Urmila Tripathi and so your documents are not valid and so this shop is ours, and I hope you understood Mr. Siddhant Sinha and like you think women are useless same did your manager and so by a women’s signature I won this land, so an answer from a women who you think are useless.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Manish says Siddhant won’t keep quite.Siddhant decides to attack Varun.Genda calls Varun and asks him where he is, Varun says I will be back in sometime.Varun is hit by a truck.

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Telecast Date:29th November 2021
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