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Ghar Ek Mandir 29th December 2021 Nisha goes to her room and calls Siddhant, Nisha tells him Genda and Varun are suspicious and what if they find about me, Siddhant says how does that matter to me, it was you actually who did it, I’m just scared for you that you will be thrown out of house, Nisha says no one will find about me I have followed Genda so many times no one noticed. Genda and Varun listening to Nisha talk to Siddhant.

Varun says Genda we are right, Nisha bhabhi is behind everything, Genda says I was suspicious earlier because how did locker get empty without breaking lock and right at that moment cctv was off and yesterday Nisha bhabhi was very sweet to me, and taking advantage of that moment she must have stolen keys, Varun says and put it back in morning when she bumped you.

Genda and Varun in their room, Genda shows tracking app in her phone and says this must be Nisha bhabhi and there might be something else too, Genda and Varun look around and find micro phone stuck under bed. Varun stops Genda from speaking, Nisha trying to listen to them. Varun writes in paper, Siddhant used Nisha against us and now we will do same.

People protest against Agarwal shop, Varun and Genda reach shop, People try to attack them, Varun tries to fight, Genda stops him and says you people gave us 2 days time wait for it, customer says give our money right away,

Varun says don’t cross your lines, customer threatens Varun, Varun says don’t mess with me, I very well know how to deal with you, customers say lets get inside and steal whatever we can and break lock and rush in, Genda and Varun beg them to stop, a man gets kerosine and lights furniture.

Kundan gets a call from Rajesh, he shows him on video ca the mess at shop, Anuradha and Nisha see the video, Nisha very happy but acts as if she is hurt seeing all this. Rajesh says to Kundan that this is all because you gave freedom to your daughter in law. Kundan says I won’t let this happen and about to step out, remembers his oath. Kundan collapses.

Customers start ripping the board, Varun warns them, Customer says I won’t leave him and picks brick, Kundan says I’m going to save my son. Varun about to get hit, Siddhant stops the man. Kundan and others watching on video call.

Siddhant says they are foold but not dishonest look at their face they have their lesson learnt, Genda says I know you are behind a this and these are your people but we will still return them their money, Siddhant says you spoilt the order so you will pay and pay them quickly or else they will destroy your shop and this board you are so proud of.

Anuradha says Nisha look after Papaji I’m getting water. Genda says to Siddhant what you want, customers warn Genda and Varun and leave. Siddhant says so what were you saying Genda, what I want, its same as what you want, I want this war to end and celebrate the peace treaty lets end this once and for all, so let me begin friendship with a invitation, for you and your family in a party and end this chapter.

Genda says say clearly what you want, Siddhant says I’m very clear come to a party with you and your family, so we can talk. Genda says are you sure you will leave us alone, Siddhant says offcourse I want to be friends now and its in your families hand and as decided you will organise party and you along with your family will beg in my feet and I will forgive you but not this shop, but will return money with extra because I’m not a bad person and want you to have good start.

Varun about to attack Siddhant, he stops him and says anger is not good and you two are here because of your attitude and pride, and Genda you lost first condition so one more chance for you with the apology, so apologise and save your father in laws respect and you have seen customers anger and Kundan Agarwal will be behind bars, will he be able to bare a this, I don’t think so, one apology will end everything and now choice is yours.Genda says okay, I will come with my family and I will beg you for apology. Siddhant says good girl and leaves.

Varun sahs Genda why, Genda says trust me, Siddhabt stops and says Varun its good you listen to your wife and Genda the deal is done lets party together.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 30th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kundan says to Genda, you promised Siddhant everyone beg to Siddhant, I’m not going to be part of it. Manish says me too I have nothing to do with a this.Anuradha says you do Manish come with me, Anuradha takes Manish to his room and everyone sees Nisha talking to Siddhant, Manish slaps Nisha.

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Telecast Date:29th December 2021
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