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Ghar Ek Mandir 27th December 2021 Genda and Varun get Chatra to Maharaji’s temple, Panditji perfoms pooja and asks Genda to put the Chatra. Genda takes it to Varun, he touches it and then Genda places the Chatra. Agrasen Maharaj smiles, devotees praise Genda and Varun’s couple, for working hard together, Genda prays to Maharaji to fix things between her and Varun and thanks for gold.

Shivam wakes up and sees whole house decorated for Christmas, he calls Anuradha and Kundan, Genda and Varun walk in and smile seeing decoration, everyone happy to see Kundan smile. Varun happy starts singing, Genda, Anuradha, Kundan, Nisha join in and all are happy. Manish walks in and joins everyone. Genda realises she was dreaming.
Nisha walks in as Santa.

Shivam asks where are my gifts, Nisha says Santa’s bag has everything ask me, Shivam says gifts and chocolate, Nisha hands him gifts and to everyone else. Nisha says Genda tell me what you want from Santa, and whispers Genda this is for Shivam’s happiness hope you understand, Genda says I’m happy to see Shivam happy and you are doing good for him, Nisha says tell me your wish,

Genda says I want to see my family happy and together, Nisha says look they are together and happy, now your gift come sit and both sit on swing, Nisha asks Genda to open her gift and slowly tires to sneak out keys from bag, Nisha gifts Genda a head gear and says wear it and show, Genda says okay and leaves with bag.

Genda wears head gear, Nisha says very pretty like princess, come dance now, Nisha and Genda dance and pull Shivam to join them, Anuradha happy to see them together, Genda keeps her bag on sofa and joins them again, Nisha asks Genda to dance with Shivam and goes near Genda’s bag and takes keys and sees Genda standing behind her, and says Nisha bhabhi you brought happiness home today, Mummy Papa are happy after so long thankyou and leaves. Nisha thinks I should thank you because I got locker keys.
Nisha hides keys in one of the socks and leaves.

Genda and Varun pray and leaving, Nisha dashes Genda and puts keys back in her bag.
Genda and Varun reach shop, they see all customers outside shop, Genda says we haven’t opened yet and look so many customers, Customers start yelling at Genda and says here take your jewellery bag you cheaters give our money back, Genda says calm down we will fix your design as per policy but don’t ask money. Customer’s dont listen. Varun says Genda lets give them money back and says everyone calm down we will return money

Genda opens shop doors and gets Varun in, customers walk in too, Genda opens locker and sees its empty, Varun and Genda both in shock. Genda asks Varun where did money go, who stole money, Customer start threatening they will lodge complaint, Siddhant outside shop and says this is my big blast now win and show me.
Customer destory whole shop, Varun and Genda try to stop but no one listens, Genda says you all can see we are robbed give us time we will return money, customer threaten them saying if they don’t return money in 2 days they will destroy whole shop, and leave.

Kundan is informed by Gupta about theft and police complaint and all shops will be under interrogation and this is all because if your daughter in law and can’t you take care ladies of your house.
Genda and Varun walk in, Genda tells Kundan crying about the theft, Nisha very happy, Varun says theres no lock broken but only money is gone and CCTV was off and we were going to complaint to police but we thought we should ask you, Kundan leaves. Nisha very happy, Kundan walks to Genda with a paper and says this house papers, do a favour sell this house.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 28th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Siddhant says you are very proud of your relationship right, but now you have Ravan me who will separate you two, and as per condition she lost bait so she will divorce you. Genda about to slap him, Siddhant holds his hand. Varun gets off his chair.

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Telecast Date:27th December 2021
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