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Ghar Ek Mandir 26th November 2021 Nisha calls Anuradha from out and says Papaji is asking how long will you take, Anuradha looks at Varun, Varun says Mummy please don’t tell, Anuradha says you already made a huge mistake and leaves. Varun says what if Mummy tells Papa truth.
Siddhant calls his manager and says of Genda reaches before you, I remove you from the job

Kundan asks Anuradha did Genda touch the aarti thali, Anuradha says yes I did, and you go rest, Kundan leaves, Nisha says Mummy are you sure you did, Anuradha says you think I am lying and she even insisted on coming to pooja but I asked her to rest, now go start with pooja. Nisha leaves. Anuradha says you quickly leave for Mathura, I will manage here, I just hope she is fine.

Genda starts looking for Manohar Tripathi, she reaches the house and says thank you Maharaji for leading me to here and just hope other part goes well too. Siddhant’s manager walks out of house, Genda says who is this man and why was he smiling.
Genda meets Tripathi and sees he has bag full of money, Genda thinks this means that person was Siddhant’s man and he paid Tripathi. Siddhant is informed about land on his name.

Genda tries to convince Tripathi, Tripathi says its 50 lakhs, and at this age this is what I could do, go now. Genda picks the papers and leaves in tears, thinking about situation the family is Genda starts crying. Siddhant arrives there, and smiles at her.

Siddhant gives her his hanky and says I didn’t want to come here but had ab important work, it was so to see your attitude and pride break. I wanted to see you loose, and shows her paper photos and says you are late and I have these now and its a biggest day for me, I saved you and you still lost.

Genda says you are wrong, you are a small minded person and about my life, it was all your plan, and God will decide the faith, Siddhant says I have papers and game is over, I have won. tomorrow my shop has coconut breaking ritual do come, because I want you to see Agarwal and son’s board getting down, don’t miss it come on time.

Varun looking for Genda, gets call from her, Varun says where were you, are you fine, Genda starts crying, Varun says why are you crying, don’t worry I am coming to you, tell me what is it, Genda says Siddhant reached before me and paid Manohar Tripathi to transfer papers to his name, he paid him 50 lakhs, and I couldn’t do anything and couldn’t keep my promise, he won even after being wrong, Varun sees he is near Agrasen Maharaji’s temple and hears aarti and says Genda you always said truth wins and we will find a way,

Genda says I hear aarti are you near Maharaji’s temple, Varun says yes, and Maharaji will definitely help us. Genda prays to Maharaji to help her.It gets stormy and paper falls of Genda’s hand and because of wind reach Tripathi house, Genda picks paper and says Varun this paper has sign and thumb, we have to find second one because Siddhant has only one sign, we have to win this time, Maharaji is with us. Varun says yes. Genda sees Tripathi’s wife and has Agrsen Maharaji’s photo in her room.

Genda meets them and tells them whole story and says I saw a hope in you, after seeing Agrasen Maharaji and only you can help me, Tripathi’s wife says but he has signed already, Genda says it has your sign too, I need your thumb to save my shop and my family will be together please help me. Tripathi sees Genda and says you again here, Genda tells him why she is here, His wife tries to stop him, Tripathi says I need money for my business, Genda says Maharaji alwayd taught us to support truth, Tripathi says shutup and leave. Genda begs his wife to talk to him and get paper’s signed. Genda says please sign. Tripathi leaves.

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