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Ghar Ek Mandir 25th November 2021 Nisha tells Varun, Kundan has called her and Genda. Varun walks to Kundan, Nisha whispers to Manish look I told you she won’t come. Kundan asks where is Genda, I called you both, Nisha says I told them to come together, Varun says I told you, Genda is very unwell, Nisha says its important to have her here, as we have Pooja and all women need to be in this pooja.

Varun says she is very weak and can’t come. Kundan says call for sometime then she can rest, Nisha says we will do one thing, we will just make Genda touch this pooja thali and then me and Mummyji will perform aarti, Anuradha says Nisha is right, Varun says give me I will take to Genda. Nisha says why does it look like you don’t want us to meet Genda.

Anuradha says Nisha why will he do so, may be he is not liking me going in, so you go Mummyji, Anuradha takes aarti, Varun says let me, Kundan says why are you stopping everyone, Anuradha says let me go, Kundan says wait even I will come.

Kundan and Anuradha walk in, Varun follows them, Kundan gets a call and he leaves talking on call, Nisha thinks now Mummyji will walk in and find the truth. Siddhant gets Genda’s location and goes to save her.

Genda is tied to stretcher, two men give her anesthesia so that they can remove her eyes and sell it
Anuradha walks to Genda and calls her name, Varun says she is fast asleep, Anuradha removes blanket and sees pillows, and looks at Varun and asks what all is this and where is Genda, all think she is ill, so where is she.

Genda gains consious and sees injection and asks what all you want leave me, I am already in great trouble I have to reach to a place, please let me go.
Varun says Genda isn’t home, Anuradha asks where is she then.

Genda trying hard to free herself.
Varun says to Anuradha please sit and listen to me, I know I lied but it was for all of us good, Anuradha asks what good and didn’t you hear what Papa said, Varun says its all for our shop and so Genda went Mathura.

Genda is hold tight to stretcher.
Varun tells Anuradha why Genda went Mathura, to transfer land and he was going to go but because of Papa, Genda had to leave. Anuradha says why did you do this, send her alone.

Siddhant reaches location, and sees there is no one.
Varun says to Anuradha he had no option and other problem is, he is not able to reach Genda, her phone is switched off, Anuradha says you could tell me atleast, Papa already had warned everyone, Varun says there was no other way.

Genda about to get injected, Siddhant breaks door and gets in., he gets in fight with the men. Siddhant beats them bad, Genda frees herself, Siddhant stops the men from touching Genda, while doing so he goes close to Genda. Siddhant gets hurt too by the men, Genda hits a man with stick and saves Siddhant from getting hit by a drum. Inspector walks in with team and catch them, they thank Siddhant for information and praise Genda for her bravery and leaves.

Siddhant walks to Genda and says may be you want to say thank you for saving your life, Genda says you can police not me, I am sure this is all your plan, they were your men, you are a thrid class man, but I won’t loose, I will go Mathura, stop me if you can and leaves. Siddhant smiles.

Genda sees inspector leave and starts walking on high way, trying to find transport, Siddhant comes near her on bike and asks do you want lift, Genda says never from you, I won’t even walk with you, I would prefer stranger, Genda stops a taxi and gets in it, Siddhant hands his card to driver and says call me when you reach, will pay you good. Siddhant says don’t stare, I take care of my friends and enemy, Genda says driver tears this card, Driver says why will I, I want money, Genda says I won’t travel with you, Driver gives Siddhant his card back. Siddhant thinks stubbornness and rigidity goes hand in hand with winning and we both have it

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Ghar Ek Mandir 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kundan asks Anuradha did Genda touch the pooja thali.Siddhant’s manager informs him, he got papers signed before Genda.

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Telecast Date:25th November 2021
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