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Ghar Ek Mandir 24th December 2021 Kundan says stop all this nonsense, I should have had poison and died before seeing this. Genda says why are you saying this, Varun says then tell everyone the truth, Genda says I need to talk to you first, Varun says nothing just tell the truth, and does your silence means Nisha is right, Anuradha says Genda tell everyone the truth, Varun says Mummy her silence told us everything and no one discusses this anymore. Manish takes Kundan inside and Varun leaves.

Anuradha says I thought Genda, you two will fight any problem together and leaves.
Siddhant makes himself a drink, Nisha gives him a call and says our plan is successful. Siddhant says Genda will now know how bad it is to mess with me and its now over forever.
Genda walks to Nisha, and says you could talk to me, didn’t you feel ashamed, Nisha says you don’t have shame why should I,

Genda says you are here to just ruin things, Nisha says shut up, Genda says don’t shout, there is one daughter in law who cares for family and the other to ruin things and you are here to ruin, and do whatever you want I won’t let this house break and leaves. Nisha smiles and says you can’t do anything to me because Siddhant is with me or I’m with him you can say.

Varun in his room, thinking about Nisha’s accusation and Genda’s excuses, Genda walks to Varun, Varun turns around, Genda says Varun please listen to me, let me explain, Varun ignores her. Genda leaves and makes Siddhant a call.

Siddhant says you took long to call love, Genda says you didn’t do right, you insulted me in front of my family and you will have to pay for this, you will fix everything, Siddhant says I’m not your slave oh wait you don’t have slave but a husband who will also leave you,

Genda says shutup you useless person I hate myself that I know you, Siddhant says but I’m happy to know you, and all that happened is because of your attitude and your husband broke trust just because of few photos, how weak, Genda disconnect the call.
Varun hearing to all this.

Genda sitting alone in her room aside, Varun on bed. Both thinking of good time spent with eachother.

Varun sees Genda is asleep near the bed and goes to her on wheelchair, Genda looks at him, Varun says Genda I don’t want to know why but since you are hiding things so have I but now our relationship may be in great difficulty all we need to focus is on our family and no more discussion just say yes or no, Genda says okay. Varun leaves.

Genda and Varun, making jewellery, Genda thinks I know you are angry, but let right times come I will explain everything. Varun hursts his finger, Genda rushes to him…..Genda remember Varun once entering kitchen to help her cook and hurts his finger, Genda scolds him and stops his blood from coming out, Varun says this is magically and next time I wil hurt my lip, Genda hits him and both giggle…. Genda about to help him, Varun pulls his finger away, Genda quickly gets banded, Varun doesn’t allow her and helps himself and says customer will start coming by evening.

Nisha very happy, Shivam tells her he wants to celebrate Christmas, Nisha says next year, Shivam says you always say that, even I want to meet Santa and get gifts and leaves upset, Manish walks in happily and says I got an increament, and his boss said the salary will be doubled soon, Nisha says I’m very happy. Manish says I will go tell Papa. Nisha thinks how is this happening, anyways I’m happy.

Nisha gets call from Siddhant, he says did you like Santa’s gift, I mean Siddhant Sinha’s gift, Nisha says this is your favour, Siddhant says its a promise, and Manish salary will be doubled with completion of my work, Nisha says that won’t happen because they are back together, Siddhant says don’t worry about that, do a thing I want a gift which is in your house, it is shop and lockers keys, Nisha says how can I, Siddhant says its Christmas call Santa

Genda and Varun attending customers. People discuss about how well Varun and Genda are working.Genda says there is no room in locker its very good and we both have to put chatra in Maharajis temple, you will you right.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 25th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Nisha walks on as Santa, she takes advantage of the moment and steals keys Varun and Genda reach shop and customers shout over them and asks for money back.

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Telecast Date:24th December 2021
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