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Ghar Ek Mandir 23rd December 2021 Kundan says to Varun and Genda, you two didn’t listen to me but you have started new nonsense in shop, that people are messaging me that I’m trying to get clients with samosa, have some respect, such cheap policies, we are old shop and your lucky draw and new nonsense. Genda says Papaji its my idea, Varun is not at fault. Kundan says I knew these insulting ideas would be yours and I talking to him because he is my, and my blood is in him, rest is upto him and leaves.

Varun and Genda reach shop. Genda and Varun hands guest samosa and lucky draw coupon, lot of people take interest. One person wins, Genda hands him gold coin and asks what will you order from our shop, he says next time and leaves. Nisha hiding and looking at them. Genda realises many people are winning but not ordering anything, Nisha thinks look at them useless soon will be on roads. Genda requests people to order, but no one shows interest. Genda questions her idea as it is failing and prays to Maharaji.

Varun says Genda where she went, Genda asks who, Varun says your smile. One customer walks in asking for return policy and orders Kadha, another customer comes for earrings. Genda happy takes their orders. Slowly customers start increasing. Varun says we have 10 orders, Genda thanks Maharaji.

Siddhant around smirks looking at them. Genda says your trust got me here. Siddhant says I will break these two, and says Genda has no idea her plan is against her and soon their trust will break, as these customers are mine.
Siddhants manager talking to the customers. Siddhant calls Nisha and says start with work inside the house.

Nisha gets call from Siddhant, Siddhant says I have sent an envelope on it. Shivam rushes to her, she takes envelope and asks Shivam to leave. Siddhant says this pendrive is gift for Genda.

Nisha says oh this is his big bomb, it will be blast. Nisha arranges a projector and says I will do anything against this Genda. Shivam asks what are you doing and why are you happy, did Papa give you a gift, Nisha says there will be a movie, a big hit movie. Varun and Genda reach home. Nisha asks Shivam to go call everyone. Nisha thinks this flim no one ever watched or will watch and it will be end of Genda’s love story.

Genda gets sweets for everyone, Kundan doesn’t take. Nisha asks Shivam to go inside. Genda tells Kundan that policy worked so please have sweets our shop will run back to normal. Kundan doesn’t entertain her.

Nisha says wow Genda, you are such a drama, you talk about our families reputation and on one side meet someone who wants to kill us, Genda says what, Nisha says you only tell us about your affair with Siddhant, Varun gets very angry and says what nonsense is this, Nisha says I have proofs and plays projector which has Genda and Siddhants photo’s together when they are together.

Everyone shocked seeing pictures. Genda in shock. Nisha says to Varun, see used to run away everyday saying she wants to meet a friend, Varun remember all the excuses Genda gave. Nisha says she lied to us and went to meet Siddhant Sinha, Kundan gets angry and says stop this and Nisha what are you doing, Nisha stops it. Anuradha says calm down, Kundan says how will you be fine with this and collapses. Nisha says sorry Papaji I didn’t want to hurt you but you should know what is she doing and so I did this. Varun asks where did you get these pictures, Nisha says this pendrive,

Varun asks who gave you this, it means either you are with Siddhant or following Genda and why didn’t you tell us before. Nisha says I found this on a ballon and Genda is your wife doesn’t mean you will talk this way, look Manish. Manish scolds Varun and says we all can see truth. Varun says its not, these are all photoshop, this is Siddhants game, tell them Genda you went only once because I asked you to

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Ghar Ek Mandir 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kundan says I would die with poison if you were doing something like this, Anuradha says what is the truth Genda. Varun says I got my answer.

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Telecast Date:23rd December 2021
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