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Ghar Ek Mandir 22nd September 2021 Genda decides to talk about it with family members. Manish asks everyone to leave and asks Shivam to go to room, Genda says Bhaiya I have something important to talk, Manish says later, Genda rushes to Anuradha she says she will talk later. Genda goes to Kundan and says she wants to talk, both see Manish asking everyone to leave and come back in the evening.

Kundan asks what all is this, why are you behaving this way. Manish says your Pradhan ran away with all money, all shocked to hear this, Manish says say something now, Kundan says Manish I knew about this, Manish in shock, Manish says you knew and didn’t tell me why, it would be better to tell me instead of doing all this arrangement and I can’t be part of this drama anymore, Kundan says this is not drama it’s our devotion for our God, I could tell everyone but I was scared for our reputation, Manish says do you worry about anything else than reputation.

Manish says to Kundan, we keep hearing about your saving and our shop, I thought you will give me and Varun our own shop, but all money is gone, I kept telling you not to give money but you never listen. Varun says to Manish I understand we are at loss but don’t talk to Papa like this, Manish says you do that, I kept working hard how will you know that, so keep out of it. Manish says to Kundan,

I did MBA but still did what you said but now enough, I will live as I want, I don’t want this shop anymore enough of it, I am joining Ratan Mama’s company. Nisha happy to hear that. Anuradha says stop Manish, Genda walks to Manish and says in bad times we need to be with our family, Nisha says we shouldn’t talk between men, Genda says we are family right, Kundan says no one says a word Manish has made his decision.

Manish walks away. Kundan hurt by what Manish said and collapses, Anuradha walks to Kundan in tears. Genda thinks what will she do and it will be too late and its her responsibility to save this family.

Harish and Kailash upset with Manish behaviour, and decide to insult Agarwal during Pooja, Genda walks to them says not until I am here, Harish says Genda you taking us wrong, Genda in front of whole market scolds Harish and Kailash says a person in his bad times still wants to help you, but you are shameless, Harish says we just want our money. Genda hands him Chandra har, Harish asks who asked you to sold, Genda says I am just saving my family and don’t think of insulting my family show some shame good bye.
Harish says now we will show Genda her place, we will insult her instead of Agarwal now.

Pooja begins ay Agarwal’s, everyone performs Mahalaxmi Aarti, Panditji starts his Katha, Kundan and Manish look at eachother in disappointment, Kundan thinking about what will he do about money launders and thinks of calling them and asking for more time but Kailash doesn’t receive his call.

Panditji calls Mahalaxmi, Genda walks in dressed as Mahalaxmi all happy to see her, Suman says Genda is looking so pretty. Ladies ask why Genda isn’t wearing Chandrahar. Anuradha asks Nisha about it, Nisha says she said it doesn’t match her saree. Genda says me Mahalaxmi here to tell you importance of laxmi, I have 8 roles and together I become Mahalaxmi, first Adhi Laxmi, different women walk in as 8 roles of Mahalaxmi, Genda says second Dhan laxmi, third Dhanya Laxmi, forth is Santan Laxmi, then Jay laxmi.

Kailash asks his wife to wear Chandra har, she denies say Genda gave it to pay you, it doesnt look good, Kailash says its for my reputation and don’t support her just wear it.

Genda says next role is Gaja Laxmi, and last one is Vidya Laxmi. Genda says together I become Mahalaxmi. Varun happy to see Genda. Kundan praises Genda for her act and asks her where is Chandra har.

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