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Ghar Ek Mandir 22nd October 2021 Varun and Kundan on their way to shop see people starring at them. Varun asks Kundan why is everyone starring us, Kundan says did they find about last night, they reach shop and read on the door its written, Kucha Mahajani Thieves. Varun says this definitely Kailash and Harish.

People start gossiping about Agarwal’s. Varun gets a cloth and water and starts wipping. Kundan says this will go but what about the truth. Maharaji walks to Kundan and says don’t worry all wilp be fine, I know soon the darkness in your life will go away and someone your own will bring light in your house, Kundan asks who, Maharaji says its just what my heart is saying and don’t worry.

Varun opens shop, Hetal walks in with tmher friends and says your jewellery was so pretty, all keep praising it and my friend’s want you to make jewellery for them, Kundan says done. Maharaji says Kundan you continue I will go home.

Varun shows Hetal and her friends designs. Hetal says I know your designs will be great just make sure delivery is in time. Kundan says sure. Kundan thinks of Maharaji’s words and says my brightness is my Varun and hugs him says I am happy, you have this great talent, this is all because of it, I will make a list, Varun thinks this is because of Genda and not me.

Genda gets call from Varun and he says you are magician and Hetal loved your design so much, she got us so many orders and advance, Genda says means we can repay debt, Varun says yes and all because of you, but problem is Papa thinks I made the design and only we know the truth, how will I do this without you, Genda says don’t worry I am with you, but how will we deal, Varun says no one home should know it or else you know, Genda says I do, just I want us to be out of this problem, and one more thing, I love you too.

Maharaji in his room, Genda walks to him with Kachori, Maharaji says I love Kachori’s very yum, Genda says Mummy made these, Maharaji says how does it matter, Genda says how is that, she will be so happy when she will get credit, Maharaji says yes this is necessary for motivation but did you get credit, Genda says I did, I am happy with whatever I have and leaves. Maharaji says no Genda this is not you deserve, design was yours and everyone should know about that.

Gopal fills form of Market head and says if you all support me I will soon be elected, others say we support you and your brother, Gopal says what to do Kundan’s daughter in law insults everyone and he has not paid debts too, Maharaji walks to everyone and says you are wrong, Gopal asks what, Maharaji says remember you said you will write my shops name in gold, Gopal says oh that, this is different, Maharaji says why different you didn’t fulfill your promise,

so keep my board ready or else I will have to keep you reminding and I think Kundan is best as Kosha Adhyaksha, people say Agarwal has lot of debt, Gopal would be good option, Maharaji says Kundan is here and he will return money surely, Harish says when will he next life, Maharaji says today is still on, all make fun of Maharaji. Kundan comes from behind and says yes I will pay today.

Genda in kitchen, Nisha sees she is disturbed and in rush, Genda says I have some work, Nisha asks what work, Genda says personal work, Nisha says why hide from me, I won’t tell anyone, Genda says it’s little personal dont worry and thinks good she didn’t ask more, I should finish all work before Varun comes. Nisha thinking what work she has and thinks Nisha will make sure everyone knows the work.

Agarwal gives Harish and Kailash cheque and says will return soon remaining amount, people have ups and downs and downs show you who your real people are, I could run away like Pradhan but me and my son have worked hard. Everyone praise Agarwal for being an example and ask him to fill Kosha Adhyaksh form.

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