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Ghar Ek Mandir 21st January 2022 Varun about to get attacked by knife, Sandy shouts.Varun defeats everyone and asks Sandy is she fine and says I told you not to go out, and helps her stand byt Sandy has injured her leg,

Varun removes her shoes and helos her walk, Sandy says I’m sorry I shouldn’t have left late night and these clothes, Varun says wear whatever you want, you shouldn’t be judged because someone else misbehaves. Sandy looks at him and thinks, I kept thinking weather you still love me and now I know you do.

Varun asks why are you starring this way, Sandy asks why did you ask Genda to help me, you could work and we could finish this work early since you have experience and also I will leave as soon as work finishes, I promise, Varun says okay I will help you. Sandy says thank you and hugs him.

Genda waiting for Varun in the room, she goes check outside where he is and sees Varun walk in with Sandy and starts crying, goes back to her room. Varun thinks he should talk to Genda what is wrong and also have to talk about Sandy.

Varun walks in and says Genda I want to talk to you, Genda says I’m very tired, Varun thinks may be he is pressurising a lot on Genda and says I should look into website designing, so Genda will also be little free and Sandy will go early.

Genda wakes up and sees Varun isn’t around, she goes out and sees Varun working with Sandy. Varun sees Genda qnd walks to her and says I gave you a lot of work right but don’t worry I will manage website work, Genda says okay, I will finish kitchen work and have to go shop too, Varun says okay wait for lunch, I have to talk to you,

Genda says me too, Sandy calls Varun says come check this, Varun goes, Genda leaves. Nisha sees them and says now I should not let them meet, so they won’t solve differences and my work will be done.

Genda managing customer’s, Varun about to leave for shop, Nisha stops him and says mummy and papa wants to see website work, Kundan and Anuradha walk to them and say show us the design, Nisha thinks I won’t let you have lunch with Genda. Genda waiting for Varun.
Varun shows design to Kundan, he praises Varun, Varun checks his watch and says Papa I will leave for shop, Nisha says Varun have lunch and go, sit with Papaji he will like it, Kundan says yes Varun come.

Genda calls Varun, and asks when will he come for lunch and she wants to talk too, Varun says I had lunch, Genda asks with whom, Varun says Sandy, Genda disconnects the call, and starts crying. Genda says I now know, Varun likes Sandy, I’m just an adjustment for him, a compromise, because Varun’s true love is Sandy and if this is so, I shouldn’t stay with you.
Varun thinking why did Genda disconnect call and ge should go to shop as soon as possible and says Papa I should leave and goes.
Sandy says excuse me, even I have to leave.

Genda says I can’t sit like this and cry, I should focus on work, Genda tries to focus on work and then says who am I working here for and remember Kundan calling her daughter and says how can I leave this house, I have my father there. Genda remembers her good moments with Varun and smiles but gets upset again thinking of Varun with Sandy.

Genda about to leave, sees Varun walk in with tiffin and wipes her tears. Varun says sorry I am late, come have lunch and why did you disconnect the call, Genda doesn’t look at him, Varun says I know why you are upset, its because we didn’t eat food together, actually mummy papa stopped me ro see website and papa asked me to join for lunch and you know I don’t feel full without you,

so we will have lunch together come, Genda thinks about the video, Varun gives Genda a bite, Genda says I’m not hungry, Varun says your husband is feeding you, have atleast one bite, its yummy right. Genda looks at Varun and thinks may be I’m overthinking and about video God knows when was it, I trust Varun but Sandy I am doubtful.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 22nd January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nisha says to everyone this pooja is for our new website, Genda showing Kundan how website works and sees transaction keep failing.Sandy on call says thanks for error in transaction, Agarwal’s website won’t work until I say and I need this time to get Varun back.

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Telecast Date:21st January 2022
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