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Ghar Ek Mandir 20th September 2021 Nisha says lets check our chits, everyone opens it, Genda shows her to Nisha, its reads Laxmiji, Varun smiles, all congratulate Varun and Genda and say Varun is lucky for Genda. Varun congratulates Genda and leaves. Genda says to Nisha she can be laxmiji if she wants to, Nisha says we are one if you be I will be equally happy, all praise Nisha for being so supportive, Anuradha congratulates Genda.

Ratan asks Manish to make final decision on whether will he join the company, Nisha hears that and whispers say yes, Manish says actually we are in debt so let me pay all and then I can talk to Papa, and give me answer, Ratan says you have two days, Manish says I understand and will let you know soon. Manish scolds Nisha for always speaking in between, Nisha gets angry, Manish says okay don’t be angry tell me about your play, Nisha says Genda will be Laxmi, Manish says that is great why won’t you do some part too, Nisha says go sleep and thinks on one hand Varun made Genda Laxmiji and look at my husband.

Genda walks to Varun, sees he has lot of jewellery, Varun says this is for you for the play, I don’t know what all will you require but how is it, Genda says here is Kadha for you, Genda asks is Kadha working for him, Varun says yes I sleep well and don’t feel tired, Genda says you will see effects in a month, Varun thinks it’s not your kadha but your love. Genda asks did you say something, Varun says if you can make Kadha everyday I can drink it everyday
Varun walks to Sofa says its kind of uncomfortable there, Genda says you can sleep on bed if you want, Varun smiles and closes the door, and gets on the bed and keeps looking at Genda sleep and keeps smiling.

Kundan unable to sleep because of debt stress, and says why am I so anxious and that too at 4 am, Anuradha sees Kundan awake and asks what is it, Kundan says go back to sleep I just woke up. Kundan gets call from Ramesh. Genda wakes up with nightmare, Varun asks her is she fine, Genda says nightmare, you go to sleep U am fine, Varun goes to sleep. Genda goes to get herself water, she sees Kundan on call.

Ramesh tells Kundan there is bad news, Pradhan ran away with everyone’s money, Kundan says what he ran away with my money, Genda hears that, Kundan says what he ran away with whole committees money, Ramesh says yes I just lodged a complain against him. Kundan says but he said he will return money on Mahalakshmi pooja, I gave everyone dates to pay money, Kundan says no one from family should know it and keep a secret in market too or else money launders won’t spare me, Ramesh says I will take care of everything, you take care of yourself. Genda sees Kundan in his worst state. Kundan thinks of people behind him for money. Anuradha walks to Kundan and asks what is wrong why is he here, Kundan says I woke up and so thought will go on a walk, Anuradha says okay good go then, Kundan leaves.

Genda says Papaji is unwell and went out alone, what should I do, Genda goes follow Kundan, Genda hides from Kundan because he won’t like it having her follow him but she can’t leave him alone too. Kundan thinking about situation, Genda sees Kundan meet Gopal. Gopal asks Kundan what is wrong, Kundan says I couldn’t talk in front of Suman so, and Ramesh called me today morning and he told me Pradhan ran away with whole committee money,

Gopal says this is very bad, Kundan says yes very very bad and I need your help because you are my brother, I want 80 lakhs loan, I will return them for sure, Gopal says I don’t have money, I gave money to Suman’s brother. Kundan thinking how will he manage money and asks Gopal does he have some money, he will return it, Gopal says sorry I don’t have any money, why would I say no to you, I took gold from you for necklace for Varun’s wedding, I have an idea, mortgage your shop.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 21st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Genda hears Gopal talk on phone and says why will I give my hard earned money to him.Genda thinks of chandra har to save shop and Kundan’s dignity

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Telecast Date:20th September 2021
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