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Ghar Ek Mandir 1st December 2021 Varun is being watched. Genda messes Varun written on cake by mistake and doesn’t feel good. Varun leaves on his bike, he gets disbalanced because of a coconut and falls down, he gets up and thinks what is a coconut doing here and picks fallen things but gets hit by a truck, bangles break, flowers shatter and Varun looses concious. Siddhant is informed work is done.

Genda, Manish, Nisha, Kundan, Anuradha with Varun in hospital, doctor says he has severe injury on head, nd needs examine, Inspector says you need to first fulfill formalities, Manish says I will come with you, Kundan asks doctor will Varun be fine, Doctor says Varun has lost lot of blood, we will know after examination.

Anuradha feels dizzy thinking about Varun, Genda says Maharaji has his blessings on us, I have full faith in Maharaji he won’t let anything happen to Varun. Genda goes get water for Anuradha and says Maharaji will save ny Varun.

Genda sees Siddhant behind her with bouquet and get well soon card. Genda drops glass of water and asks what are you doing here, Siddhant says I keep all information of my enemies and friends and so I am here as well wisher for your husband, may God help you, Genda pushes him and holds his collar and says how dare you do this to my Varun, if something happens to him I won’t spare you,

Siddhant says I feel bad for you, you still don’t understand things, this is my way to play, this time its just his legs, next time may be it might be his life, Genda sees inspector and says arrest him, he tried killing my husband, Inspector says you should thank him, he saved your husband and leaves.

Genda looks at Siddhant in anger, Siddhant says you might have met many fools and I am Siddhant very smart, even my shadow doesn’t know my moves, Genda says I am lodging a complaint against you, Siddhant says really, you think law will stop me and my smartness, don’t underestimate me, use your brain, you think there will be any accident proofs and hope God cures your husband soon, best wishes from me and leaves.

Siddhant reaches home, he sees dinner served and asks Ganesh is there anything special, Dad walks in and says very special because I am proud of my son, you proved you are a true Harivansh Sinha’s son, and good you showed that girl her place, she will know her place now, Siddhant says I crushed her and her attitude and now even her soul will be scared thinking of me and her whole family will beg us to buy shop, Dad says very good lets have something sweet. Siddhant eats sweet and says you aren’t allowed.

Manish and Nisha tell Kundan all formalities are done, Kundan says Varun always rides safe how did this accident happen, Manish says you still don’t understand, Genda says I know what Manish bhaiya will say, Doctor tells everyone and says Varun is fine but he lost his legs and won’t be able to walk, Kundan in shock, Genda says what do you mean he won’t walk, Doctor says we don’t know how long, Genda collapses, Kundan says Varun will be fine don’t worry, all will be good.

Manish asks can they meet Varun, Sister says we will shift him to other ward, and only one person can wait. Kundan says I will stay, Genda says no you go and also take care of Mummyji, I can’t leave Varun alone this way.
Genda sees Varun being shifted.

Anuradha reach home with others and says God knows what has happened to my son, how can I see my son this way, Kundan says you being a mother can atleast share pain, but me a father what will I do, Manish says this is all Siddhant who is doing this, Kundan says how is this related. Manish says you think this is accident, no its not, Siddhant has planned all this, Anuradha says what are you saying, Manish says the truth.

Genda sitting near Varun, Varun gains conscious and opens his eyes, Genda says you will be fine don’t worry, Varun says I was on my way home, Genda says take rest don’t talk, Varun says I think Siddhant is behind this, Genda says I know, Varun says I won’t leave him, he tried crushing him, once I get well, I will kick him bad, Genda starts crying, Varun says don’t cry, I will be fine, Genda says Varun, you can’t walk now, Varun in shock, Varun says this can’t happen and looks at his legs.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 2nd December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Manish says to Kundan, I beg you sell that shop.Genda promises Varun, she won’t sell the shop.Genda learns Kundan is at Siddhant Sinha’s office to sell shop and rushes quickly to stop him.

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Telecast Date:1st December 2021
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