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Ghar Ek Mandir 17th September 2021 Varun gets back home tired, Genda walks to him with Kadha and says have it, it will help your health, Varun says thank you for taking care of me, Genda says its my responsibility, Varun has a sip and says its bitter, and we have Mahalaxmi pooja and have a play, you like acting right, Papa told me, so Arora uncle praised you too and asked if you will play Mahalaxmi role. Genda looks at Varun, Varun says shall I say yes, Genda says Varun I won’t be able to, and all are waiting for dinner. Varun thinks what can I do that you will smile.

Anuradha opens door after hearing door bell,Vidit Bhai asks where is Agarwal, Kundan walks to them and asks how come you here, Vidit says our money, Kundan says even my money is stuck in market will return soon, Vidit says I care about my money, Genda gets angry seeing them misbehave with Kundan, Varun sees that and steps in says Papa said he will return money and he will, this doesn’t mean you come here and insult him, no one dare do that, apologise and leave, your money will be home. Vidit says we will be back if we don’t get money and leave. Kundan and Anuradha impressed with Varun. Varun looks at Genda and sees she is smiling.

Kundan thinking about Varun, Anuradha walks to him and says dont worrt it was wrong I know, Kundan says I am not worried but happy, Varun behaved so responsibly, Anuradha says what about money, Kundan says going to see Pradhanji and Mahalaxmi pooja too is around, Anuradha checks Kundan’s sugar and says its increased, Kundan says don’t worry, Anuradha says enough of stress now, our children are responsible now, even Genda saw today how responsible is Varun.

Varun walks to Genda and says I saw you smile, I was happy to see that, Genda says I was happy too, to see you responsible, Varun says I will give you credit for that, you made me realise it, Genda walks away and goes to bed. Varun smiles looking at her.

Genda and Nisha next day cooking, Nisha tells her about Mahalakshmi role, and says I have called all women to discuss who will play out, even you take part in it, Genda says I don’t feel like, Nisha thinks good she said no because I will be Laxmi.
Varun says to Kundan he will join them to go Pradhanji, he will be there. Genda asks Kundan, does he want too, to take part in play, Kundan says yes, Genda says why didn’t you tell me, Kundan says I didn’t know how you feel after all that happened, Genda says if it makes you happy I will do it for you, Kundan happy and blesses her. Nisha thinks I will make you my servant and will become Laxmi Ma. Varun looks at Genda and thinks you agreed, so my efforts working.

Varun, Manish, Kundan waiting for Pradhan, Manish says we could invest in shares instead, Kundan says I dont like all that. Pradhan arrives and all seated in office, Pradhan says I will give you money on Laxmi pooja, Varun says you have been saying this a lot, Pradhan says what do you mean, Manish says you said this on Varun’s wedding too, we have lot of people to pay and they are troubling us, and threatening us, please return our money, Kundan says I trust Pradhanji, give us money after two days, Pradhan says okay, Agarwals leave.

Kundan asks Manish why he was rude, Manish says you always side him, Kundan says you don’t like it when someone else misbehave right then how can you do same and I am your father so do as asked and Varun go home rest, tomorrow its hectic day.

Ladies at Agrawals, Nisha gives idea that we will choose who will play Mahalaxmi role picking the chit. Everyone picks one, Nisha asks Shivam to pick one for her, Shivam picks one, and leaves, ladies ask Genda to pick too, Varun walks in, Nisha says let Varun bhaiya pick for her, Chachi says come come, Varun says I will for Genda, and picks one and hands her.
Nisha asks everyone to open their chit.

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