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Ghar Ek Mandir 15th September 2021 Genda walks to Kundan in tears and asks why did you all lie to me, Kundan walks to Varun and says tell me what should I tell her, doctor had asked you not to marry, why did you lie to me, doctor said its not okay to marry now, then why did you hide, you kept saying medicine is not required but hide and had it so why did you lie tell me.

Anuradha says he is not well, Kundan says quiet you have spoilt him, I was never disrespected and today I am a lie in front of my daughter in law, Genda in tears, Kundan says I better die, Anuradha says don’t talk this way, Kundan says Varun answer me, Varun says you tell me, why you behave with me this way that I have to lie to you, I don’t have any respect here and no one needs me, Manish bhaiya doesn’t let me work because of my illness and I am always made feel that I am useless and so I lied and if I told you I couldn’t get married, I would have no respect in this house and you always say no one should know about my illness and so I lied, I didn’t want to lie but your behaviour made me. Genda thinks he lied to his whole family.

Kundan says very good Varun, didn’t you think once your lie can ruin our reputation, and this girl Genda would say we all cheated on her, Kundan about to slap Varun, Genda stops him and says Papaji don’t raise your hand, I know he did a mistake and I don’t have any problem with you, I know you wouldn’t let me marry him if you knew he was ill, and now Varun is my husband how can I sew him being insulted please forgive him. Anuradha smiles looking at Genda, Nisha confused. Genda says Varun I respected you earlier and do now too, and always will. Genda goes to her room.

Kundan says Anuradha lets go let him be with his lie, he should face it, Manish and Nisha leave too. Genda packing her bag, Varun walks in and is shocked to see her pack, Varun says Genda I know I did huge mistake, and its not about my illness but I misunderstood you, the family where I wanted to have my place, you saved me from being insulted in front of them, please forgive me, give me one chance.

Genda says I hate only one thing and that is a lie, and you lied to me and your family, and I can’t deal with that, Varun says give me one chance. Genda says we cant built trust on a lie. Genda remembers how Varun threw Prasad and starts crying, she remembers meeting Varun,.time spent with him and their wedding. Varun crying in his room. Genda takes a look at the house and remember her Graha Pravesh, Genda says Maharaji I thought you sent me to a house where everyone follows your teachings but here my relationship was based on a lie.Genda opens the door, and about to walk out she remembers bringing Maharaji idol in the house, and steps back and says I didn’t come alone and will not go alone but with you and walks towards the temple.

Genda goes to temple and picks Maharaji’s idol by praying that she always has stood by his teachings and after Varun’s such big lie she can’t stay here and so she will leave with Maharaji and picks the idol. Genda’s saree gets stuck, she turns around and finds it is stuck in the painting of Maharaji’s she made, the bells in temple start ringing and its gets windy, Genda confused.

Shivam walks to Genda with his soft toy and says don’t go, Chachu is scolded a lot and he is crying too, even I get sccolded and I cry but someone consoles me, no one is looking after me, Genda remembers Varun’s words that no one needs him and he wants one chance from Genda. Shivam hugs her and says lets go talk to Chachu and pulls her, Genda sees her saree isnt caught and takes it as a sign.

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