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Ghar Ek Mandir 14th September 2021 Genda walks in sees water dripping out of pot with full force, Genda starts smiling. Water in pot finishes, Kundan says Genda I should apologise to you, I stopped you, even when Ammaji said its all of devotion and your devotion worked and your fast is over too now, Genda says thank you Maharaji, Anuradha says Genda you two have something, Genda says I went to temple for Varun shall I give him this Prasad, Kundan says go quickly give him good news and this prasad, Nisha thinks how does this work always for her.

Varun thinking how did he get better, Genda walks in and says Varun, how are you feeling, Varun says I am fine, Genda says I went to temple to pray for you, Varun sees prasad in her and says can’t you stay hungry any more, Genda says the water is over, our fast had ended, its all Maharajis blessings. Varun says good I will go have food, Genda says sure first have Prasad, Varun says I don’t want anything, Genda says its Maharaji blessings please don’t say no, Varun says I am tired of this, Varun walks to Anuradha says get me food, Kundan says did you have prasad, Varun says I don’t want anything, Genda walks to Varun and requests him to have Prasad, Varun throwd tge Prasad, Kundan scolds Varun. Genda says what have you done, you threw Prasad, Varun takes a step abd then starts having seizure and faints. Genda in shock seeing Varun having a seizure. Everyone rushes to Varun, Genda asks what is happening to Varun, Kundan asks Manish to take him in his room, Manish asks Nisha to call doctor.

Genda asks Kundan what is wrong with Varun, Nisha calls Dr. Sharma. Sharma says I am near by will be there soon. Manish tells Kundan that he had called Doctor earlier and he asked did Varun have tablet empty stomach, I hope it is not the reason for his health, Kundan asks what medicine, Anuradha says he had stopped medicine, Manish asks Genda did she any medicine, Genda says no but what medicine was he eating, and why is no one telling me what is wrong with Varun. Kundan says don’t worry, he had few seizure before marriage but we jad consulted doctor, he said it was normal. Genda says why didn’t any one tell me about it, Dr. Sharma walks in and examines Varun. Doctor says I asked him not to but he still had medicine, I will give him injection, let him rest and he will be fine, did he have food, Manish says he was fasting, Dr. Sharma says in such situation don’t you care about him, he can’t fast or skip medicine, give him something when he gains consious, call me if required.

Kundan and others leave with doctor. Genda says he has seizures. Doctor says to Kundan how could he fast, he is more bad, I had increased dosage too, Anuradha asks what, Genda walks to them and says will Varun be fine, nothing to worry right? Doctor asks who is she, Genda says I am Varun’s wife. Doctor says how could you Kundan even after I said no to marriage, Kundan says Varun told me, you met him and said its fine to get married and I also sent you wedding card, Doctor says I didn’t receive any, Kundan says Manish what is it, Manish says Varun agreed in front of you that he gave Doctor card, Kundan says Varun fooled us all. Doctor says Varun didn’t do this right, and I feel bad for this girl, but Genda take care of yourself and Varun and give him food when he wakes up and leaves.

Kundan asks Anuradha to go to Genda, Anuradha says listen to me Genda, Genda in tears walks to kitchen, Anuradha and Nisha follow her. Kundan says I will deal with him once he gains consious. Genda makes plate of food, Anuradha asks who is it for, Genda says for Varun, Anuradha smiles, Genda leaves.

Varun wakes up, Genda walks in with food followed by Nisha and Anuradha, Genda says mummy please I want to talk to him in private, Anuradha says okay and leaves with Nisha. Genda walks to Varun, and says have food and keeps it beside the bed. Varun says I actually, Genda feeds him with her hand and says doctor asked me to give you good when you wake up, first have food then we can talk.Kundan very angry says he fooled us, how should I face Genda now, when society will know this how will face all this, Doctor will say it was my mistake, he and me were friends, but look now, Genda takes me as her father and now she will think I am lying too. Varun didn’t do this right.

Genda tells Varun and says Doctor told everyone everything about you and your illness. Genda asks Varun is he feeling good, Varun says yes better, Genda says everyone is waiting for you lets go. Varun says Genda I know you have lot of questions, so ask me if anything, Genda says I want to ask the whole family, Varun stumbles, Genda walks to him and gives him support, and says lets go.

Varun walks with Genda out to everyone. Varun looks at Kundan, Genda makes him sit and walks to Kundan and looks at him in tears.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kundan says to Varun, didn’t you think once before lying that this could destroy your families respect. Kundan about to slap Varun, Genda stops him.Genda says to Varun I hate only one thing that is lying, Varun says I am sorry, please give me one chance. Genda leaves the house

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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
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