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Ghar Ek Mandir 12th January 2022 Varun remembers adding mushroom to lunch and Sandy being allergic to it, Varun quickly asks Genda to get medicine, and removes Sandy’s shoes and gives her medicine’s, Sandy feels better, Varun scolds her says when you know you are allergic to mushroom why did you eat it, Genda says I forced her to eat, its not her fault. Sandy says no its not, I should have been more careful. Varun leaves the room.

Genda walks to Varun and asks how do you know Sandy is allergic to mushroom, Varun says Nisha bhabhi had mentioned, Genda says she didn’t and it looked like she got to know now, Varun says you know how bhabhi is anyways I have to go and thinks sorry to lie Genda and its good ots in past.

Genda asks Sandy is she fine, Sandy says I’m good, Genda says go change, I will give you my clothes, Sandy says its fine, I have ordered clothes online, Genda says mean time you wear mine and call your parents they must be worried, and gives her phone.

Sandy’s parents find her letter and are upset with her step, her mother says lets ask Nisha may be she is with her, her father says why will she be with Nisha, we haven’t met her past 2 years and Sandy doesn’t even know her address.

Sandy says to Genda she will freshen up and then call.
Varun leaving, sees he has forgotten wallet and goes to get it.
He walks inside his room and sees Genda and closes the door, and grabs Genda and hugs her and says give me my wallet. Sandy says its me and not Genda, Varun in shock. Varun says what are you doing Genda’s clothes, Sandy says I had nothing to wear and so Genda lended me her clothes.

Nisha gets call from, Rajni Chachi Sandy’s mom. Nisha asks whats wrong why are you crying, Rajni says Sandy ran away, is she near you, Sandy finds something is fishy and says I will call you later, Shivam wants me.

Varun says Sandhya look I don’t care why and how you are here, I don’t want my past to ruin my present, so please leave. Sandy says I can see how happy you are seeing Genda and if I didn’t have mushroom by mistake I would have left, Varun says you already aren’t there for me. Nisha looking for Sandy
Sandy says I’m happy for you Varun, to see you moved on and settled and don’t worry I won’t let anyone know we had a past, we had something, Nisha hears everything and thinks what past, what did they have.

Rajni calls Nisha again for confirming about Sandy, Nisha says I will tell you once I find, but she isn’t here for sure and thinks I won’t let anyone know Sandy is here, until I find why Sandy is here and what she had with Varun and will use today’s party to find that

Genda and Varun’s marriage anniversary celebration, Manish asks Varun and Genda to sing. Varun and Genda sing together and dance. Manish says now lets dance and everyone dances together, Genda asks Sandy to join them, Sandy and Genda dance together, Varun feels awkward. Sandy walks to Varun and says you are just like before, innocent, silent, and when I was with you, I had changed you and you were so extrovert and happening and now I see you are back to silent and introvert and if I was still with you, you would be living a life and not living a bore life.

Anuradha and everyone at dinner table, Anuradha asks Nisha and Genda to sit and she will serve everyone, Nisha says Varun your new watch is very nice, Varun says Genda gifted it, Anuradha asks Kundan what gift he is giving, Kundan says I will give gift tomorrow in shop and there is pooja also and Sandy you join us too in pooja, Sandy says I’m leaving tomorrow, Nisha says not done, you have visited after so long and its special day for Varun, Sandy says I have to go, Nisha says you won’t listen to me, Varun bhaiya you ask her to stay, Varun says everyone is requesting please stay and station is close to shop, you can leave after pooja.

Genda says Sandy but don’t forget to lodge complaint for you bag, may be we get it back, Sandy says once we lose something we don’t get it back, Genda says but how can we leave, atleast try to get it, right Varun, Nisha says Genda is right, if you want something fight for it, right Varun. Anuradha says Genda has proved it buy fighting for our reputation and shop, Kundan says Genda is our daughter and we are lucky to have her

Varun in his room, Genda sees him stressed and asks whats wrong, Varun says nothing, Genda says it looks like you are hiding something.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Nisha asks Sandy why she ran awayVarun gets upset over Genda for asking what’s wrong repeatedly.Nisha sees Sandy’s tattoo and asks is it V for Varun, Sandy asks her to not tell anyone anything.

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Telecast Date:12th January 2022
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