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Ghar Ek Mandir 11th October 2021 Anuradha and Kundan ask where is Genda, Varun says she is with her friends will come soon, what is all this but, Shivam says birthday celebration for Genda chachi, Maharaj uncle said let’s surprise her. Nisha asks Varun how was everything and did you enjoy, Varun says yes, Nisha asks did you give her gift, did she like it, Varun says I don’t know. Nisha says I put in the short dress with so much difficulty so that Varun gets angry seeing her in that dress and both fight.

Maharaj takes Varun aside and asks did you two fight again, Varun nods, Maharaj says why today, its her birthday and everyone wants it to be a happy day, you didn’t do good and leaves. Varun thinks I did so wrong, I made her upset on her day. Genda calls Nisha and asks did Varun reach home, Nisha says yes, Genda says he is upset abd isnt receiving call too and so called you, Nisha says you two fought today, who fights today, what happened, Genda says Varun gave me a dress as gift and I said no to wear it and so he left angry, Nisha says one minute talk to him and gives Varun phone and puts on speaker.

Genda says Varun I am sorry, Varun says why are you sorry, I made you upset I am sorry, Genda says the dress you gifted I will wear it but just for you, Varun smiles. Nisha says tell her to come dressed. Varun says okay wear it and come to party I will like it. Genda says this dress in front of everyone, Nisha says she is so shy come on Varun force her. Varun says all will be asleep till you come, so wear it. Genda says okay, I will wear and come. Varun leaves, Nisha thinks this will be fun, I wanted to ruin their evening but now the whole family will see it.

Agarwal’s waiting for Genda to arrive, Genda calls Varun, Varun acts as if he is alseep, Genda says are you sure all are asleep, Varun says yes come soon, Genda steps in and Shivam puts on the lights, Everyone sees Genda in short dress and are shocked. Genda looks at Varun. Varun thinks I gifted her saree what did she wear, Anuradha walks to Genda and covers her and asks what all is this, Maharaji thinks its your test Varun go support her. Kundan says lets go Maharaji and leaves. Manish says I guess my phone is ringing lets go Shivam, Genda walks to her room ashamed.

Anuradha asks Varun what all is this and what is she wearing, Varun says I gifted something else, Anuradha says enough you have ashamed us, Nisha says she did a mistake I agree, I will talk to her she won’t do it again and she was looking so pretty, Anuradha says are you done, and enough of you too, what all is happening in this house, no one follows rules here and you knew about this, why didn’t you think of it Varun, no one ever dared to do this now go inside and get her changed.

Varun walks to his room angry, Genda sitting in bed, Varun closes door and says aren’t you ashamed of wearing this dress and coming home, Genda says why did you gift me then, you feel ashamed now, where was this when you gifted me. Varun says I gifted you saree, Genda says no ways this dress was in this box Varun says okay lets there was mistake but why did you wear it, don’t you know rules here,

Genda says I know but you forced me too and said all are asleep, I asked you before entering, Varun says how could you think I will gift this cheap dress and we stay in Chandni Chowk and not south Delhi, Genda says I wore this dress because of you and Nisha bhabhi, I never wear such dresses and didn’t want to and you left upset and wore this to make you happy but your eyes made me more uncomfortable, Varun says you made a mistake and I don’t have time to argue all are waiting for you, change and come soon.

Kundan says what should I do, in name of being modern what all people wear and don’t worry about culture, and find rules as burden, Maharaji says calm down, Kundan says I am sorry you are ashamed, Maharaji says no I am not, Shivam rushes in says come lets go cut the cake.
Everyone in living room, Shivam asks Varun to stand beside Genda, Nisha thinks look so ashamed, Shivam says cmon cut the cake soon. Genda cuts her cake, Maharaji and Shivam sing for Genda, Shivam asks others to join them sing, Genda in tears looks at everyone, Maharaji says Genda wait and asks Shivam what is meaning of happy birthday to you, Shivam says happy birthday to you,

Maharaji says it means may you have a happy life ahead and Genda doesn’t look happy and does anyone find Genda happy.
Maharaji says Genda isn’t happy because her dress no one liked it, and you all behaved like she did a big crime, Kundan says it was not a crime but a mistake. Maharaji says clothes should be something comfortable good, no one asked how Genda was feeling and if she felt bad she wouldn’t come home but your all behaviour made her feel so bad, right Genda, Genda doesn’t answer. Maharaji says her silence say it all.

Kundan says Maharaji you don’t know about society, I told you inside, lets cut cake and finish it, Maharaji says what is society its all how we see things, society isn’t bad but our perspective is, Manish says its late lets cut cake. Maharaji says Varun you got nothing to say. Genda looks at Varun.

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Ghar Ek Mandir 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Varun says to Maharaji it’s our personal matter, don’t speak.Genda sees Nisha and Varun talking about asking Maharaji to leave.

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Telecast Date:11th October 2021
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